Top 50

mg Magazine has awarded Medicine Man as one of the 50 Best Companies to Work for in Cannabis. Sally Vander Veer discusses family-owed Medicine Man’s success. Sally stresses the importance of staying family-focused even while expanding. Indeed, she credits that mentality to the success of the business. Sally’s mother instilled in their family a sense […]


It’s a party with Julie Berliner! Listen as she shares the successes and shortfalls of Colorado’s cannabis industry. As well, she discusses how HB-1090 will help the cause.   Recently, Sweet Grass Kitchen celebrated 10 years in the legal cannabis industry. Lately, they have been thriving in Colorado’s established cannabis marketplace. However, the landscape has […]

Ep. 469: Tjalling Erkelens, Bedrocan

Tjalling Erkelens, CEO of Bedrocan, joins us in our July digital workshop to discuss clinical trials and global cannabis distribution. Erkelens believes that some type of harmonization among European regulations is necessary for the global cannabis economy to continue maturing; having different regulations from country to country makes it very difficult to create a unified […]


Here are 8 key take-aways from this interview with Debby Goldsberry on the 2010s:   2010 was a rough year for the already-established cannabis industry. Legalization meant pushing the small players off of the field. Big business began to dominate, since it became safe to do so. Goldsberry’s goal is to make the planet a […]

From 2009-2019

Our foray into the cannabis economy started with a cultivation facility in 2009. Then, later that year, the State of Colorado decided that growers must be required to sell 75% of their inventory. We had no experience in the retail space, so it was a bit of an “oh shit” moment for us. We lucked […]

Ep. 461: Josh Hendrix, US Hemp Roundtable

Josh Hendrix, President of U.S. Hemp Roundtable, predicts that, in the next two to three years, hemp will finally begin to infiltrate the market. When that happens, there will be a race to efficiency on the agricultural side, which should lead to both consistent types of hemp as well as varieties of hemp – ultimately, […]


The Compassionate Use of Cannabis Act was passed in Illinois August of 2013. It took five years to get the proposed legislation through the capitol. When the legislation was first developed, there were no examples of highly-regulated compliance cannabis programs out there. The State of Illinois viewed the legalization of medical marijuana from a lens […]

Woman Owned

I started Sweet Grass Kitchen in 2009, and I still own 100% of my business. There seem to be more women in leadership positions within the cannabis space than in most other industries. It’s difficult for me personally to say what variances there are—if any—between working for a man and working for a woman, because […]

Monitor & Adjust

I grew up sailing with my brother. When Morgan and I decided to partner in 2013, we named our asset management company after the Greek god of the sea. Poseidon Asset Management is a dedicated cannabis fund. Because the industry is so new, navigating the unknowns and unpredictables is like navigating the conditions of the […]

Ep. 457: Bruce Linton, Canopy Growth

Bruce Linton, former CEO of Canopy Growth, joins us on stage at the Cannabis Business Summit to discuss life after Canopy and what his goals are for the future. Linton also explains his decision to take Canopy public – ultimately, going public gave the corporation much more credibility. Besides Canopy Growth, Linton discusses the benefits […]