It’s a party with Julie Berliner! Listen as she shares the successes and shortfalls of Colorado’s cannabis industry. As well, she discusses how HB-1090 will help the cause.   Recently, Sweet Grass Kitchen celebrated 10 years in the legal cannabis industry. Lately, they have been thriving in Colorado’s established cannabis marketplace. However, the landscape has […]

Ep. 470: US Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez

As the chairwoman of the Small Business Committee, U.S. Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez is unsurprisingly passionate about cannabis business rights, such as safe banking. Because public opinion of cannabis is progressing, it is important to help businesses grow in order to positively impact local communities and local economies. In particular, Velazquez emphasizes that those who have […]

Ep. 468: US Congresswoman Deb Haaland


Here are 8 key take-aways from this interview with Debby Goldsberry on the 2010s:   2010 was a rough year for the already-established cannabis industry. Legalization meant pushing the small players off of the field. Big business began to dominate, since it became safe to do so. Goldsberry’s goal is to make the planet a […]

’19 2nd 1/2

2019 has already proved itself a big year for cannabis, but not without its fair share of hiccups. Once the 2018 Farm Bill passed, the industry believed it would make things easier. They figured banking would open. Federally, hemp was defined as all parts of the plant under 0.3% THC, which means all cannabinoids from […]

Ep. 462: US Congressman Dwight Evans

For U.S. Congressman Dwight Evans, cannabis reform is a matter of both medical justice and criminal justice. Evans realized not only that cannabis can save patients’ lives, but also that the war on drugs was undeniably a major reason for the massive prison population in Pennsylvania. Since then, Evans has developed a firm belief that […]


The Compassionate Use of Cannabis Act was passed in Illinois August of 2013. It took five years to get the proposed legislation through the capitol. When the legislation was first developed, there were no examples of highly-regulated compliance cannabis programs out there. The State of Illinois viewed the legalization of medical marijuana from a lens […]

Ep. 460: US Congressman Charlie Crist

For U.S. Congressman Charlie Crist, medical cannabis is personal: years ago, his older sister died of brain cancer, and unfortunately, medical cannabis was not available in Florida that time. That experience has informed Crist’s belief that everyone should have the right to use cannabis as a healer. Crist also notes that people throughout the U.S. […]


The energy put into the winding path toward legalization shifted away from California after a legislative loss in 2010. Some activists focused on Colorado. Others in Washington. I had stayed out of the previous failed efforts in 2008, but I recognized the potential 2012 held. Washington State gains momentum In March of 2001, the ACLU […]

Ep. 458: US Congressman Mark Amodei

U.S. Congressman Mark Amodei joins us to discuss cannabis legislation and policy in Nevada, including banking. Amodei fervently believes that legal cannabis businesses should be able to deposit their earnings and use all of the financial tools that are available to other types of businesses – this is an issue of public safety as well […]