Ep. 463: Ryan Vandrey PhD

Dr. Ryan Vandrey, of Johns Hopkins University, joins us to discuss the best routes of administration for different conditions. For example, when treating chronic pain, oral administration is preferable, as it yields a more sustained drug effect. However, with a symptom like nausea, inhalation would likely be the preferred route of administration, as eating or […]

Efficacy of Cannabinoids in a Pre-Clinical Drug-Screening Platform for Alzheimer’s Disease

Penicillin celebrated its 90th anniversary last year. The story of the mold extract’s accidental discovery is legendary, taught in schools and touted in labs. In 1890, acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as Aspirin, was synthetically modeled after its naturally occurring counterpart found in such common plants as birch, wintergreen, and willow. Medicine has benefited from nature […]

Ep. 435: Bridget Conry, Champlain Valley Dispensary

At root, Bridget Conry is an herbalist with a steadfast faith in the power of plants. Besides believing that everyone should be able to grow their own medicine, Conry also discusses the importance and efficacy of educating people about cannabis in a patient and professional manner. She also notes that communities will likely gain more […]

Ep. 410: Roei Zerahia, Canndoc

Roie Zerahia joins us to share the background of Canndoc in Israel as one of the first companies licensed to grow, process, and distribute cannabis. Now launching in Illinois, they bring with them extensive scientific knowledge about the hundreds of individual compounds in medical cannabis with unique effects that extend beyond those of just THC […]

Ep. 369: Dr. Shauli Lev Ran

Shauli Lev Ran elaborates on the benefits of increasing research methodologies: “If we’re talking about 4,000 people smoking daily, they may be smoking hundreds of different strains with very different combinations. And we’re kind of making conclusions or sometimes jumping to conclusions that it is associated with higher or lower levels of THC. But like […]

Ep. 368: Dr. Einav Gati, Volcani Institute Israel

Dr. Einav Gati On the original Green Revolution: “It was like the ’30s to ’60s. They believed that we have to feed the world and to feed the world, we have to make sure that our crops are a high yield. To do that, they created the different crops of wheat, of corn- and so […]

Ep.336: Bibiana Rojas, Colombian Cannabis

Bibiana Rojas joins us and shares that Colombia legalized medical cannabis and did so with the country being a true medicinal market. What she means by that is that cannabis has to walk and talk like a medicine. No flower is on sale, no shipments take place. The rules state essentially whatever we do with […]

Ep.292: Heather Jackson, Realm of Caring

Heather Jackson returns and takes us through the Realm of Caring registry which is one of only three like it in the world. And in one of three Realm of Caring associated studies, past Cannabis Economy guest Ryan Vandrey is researching patients in the registry to provide further information on how the plant affects conditions […]

Ep.284: Stuart Titus

A PhD in the field of physiotherapeutics, Stuart Titus joins us and shares his experience treating patients as he says more in the British style than the US style of therapy. He continues, here in the US if you need surgery, you’ll be in the operating room tomorrow morning. But in other countries it’s as much […]

Ep.281: Charles Jones

Charles Jones joins us and shares that a fellow parent had called him concerned that her son was using marijuana and asked him if it was safe. He did some research and found how many cannabinoids there were, how they interacted with one another and emerged from his research with an understanding that by combining […]