Woman Owned

I started Sweet Grass Kitchen in 2009, and I still own 100% of my business. There seem to be more women in leadership positions within the cannabis space than in most other industries. It’s difficult for me personally to say what variances there are—if any—between working for a man and working for a woman, because […]

Ep. 456: Lori Ajax

Lori Ajax, Chief of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, joins us to give a big picture update of what has been happening in California over the past 6 months. For example, as of late, it has been a priority to transfer those in the elicit market over to the legal market. Besides these recent […]

Legalizing Liberty

A couple of years ago, I gave a talk on drug prohibition and our American liberties. I argued that ending drug prohibition, changing marijuana laws..

Episode #9 – Christian Sederberg, Vicente Sederberg

It’s not often that you hear a lawyer say something like “Trust the Universe,” but Christian Sederberg isn’t your ordinary, average, everyday lawyer. As one half of Vicente Sederberg Christian was instrumental in the campaign for Amendment 64. And through his involvement on the Task Force thoughtfully conceived by Gov. Hickenlooper, Christian helped shape the […]