Our very first guest, Gen Murray returns. Things are completely different for Gen and she takes us through what happened from her perspective. Special thanks to Joe Hodas at Dixie Elixirs for letting us use his office. If you’re so inclined, I’d very much appreciate you filling out our new survey at https://survey.libsyn.com/canneconomy


Speaker 1: Gen murray returns

Speaker 2: our very first guest, Gen Murray returns. Things are completely different for Jen and she takes us through what happened from her perspective. Welcome to cannabis economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Check us out on twitter, facebook, instagram, and our new youtube channel with the handle can economy. That's two ends of the word economy. We've got the new cannabis economy APP in itunes. You can get us to the itunes podcast app in Google play, and if you're so inclined, I'd very much appreciate you filling out our new survey at [inaudible]. Dot Libsyn.com/can economy. That's the word. Survey L I B s y n.com/can economy special thanks to Joe Hodus at Dixie elixirs for letting US use his office. Our first guest, our next guest, Jen Murray.

Speaker 1: So your. So what we're saying is your facebook name is Lorraina does sativa, Sativa, did I pronounce it incorrectly? Sativa. Sativa. And that's obviously not Jen Murray. That's not your name. You had to change it because you were part of the publicly traded company, which is great. There's Joe Hodus. We're in his office in Dixie. Elixirs, do you want to say hello? We're overdoing it now. Oh yeah. This is the real stuff. Stay. All right, so you just need your computer. That's fantastic. You're really busy. And Hair Gel. You can tell you spent a lot of times we did look at all the papers and have realized exactly what's going on. Is that better? Is that better for you? Well, now I can hear go. Okay. Joe's, everything's still good. We'll take care of your office. Just seeing a bit. Yeah. So I mean for, just to make it all makes sense.

Speaker 1: I came here to interview chuck. Chuck's not here then you were on your way to here. So we said well why don't we just do it here. Right. And so then here we are. And so there's a couple things you know, um, that I've noticed right off the bat. I saw you last night at the thing and, and you've got the red, like the pink. Is it pink or red or it's paint because it's hot. It's hot pink. Because we were talking about ads here. This could have been, you know, a feature in your eighties hair.

Speaker 3: Oh, for sure. And that's where I got it actually. I loved missing persons and she was beautiful. Had blonde hair with a pink and our hair. But I want her with just with my hair in high school. Sure. So there was no way I was going to touch it. So it's kind of like midlife crisis. So to be honest,

Speaker 1: those you're not mid though. That's the, that would be the issue over mid. Well let's, if we're not going to discuss that, well, depending on it could be, you know, we could be mid, right? Exactly. And we're living longer. Who knows? Cannabis. Exactly. So you. And then now let's talk about the jewelry. You're all like, you've, you've got a whole lot of stuff going on here. You look fantastic. Of course. Jen Murray. Thank you darling. You're welcome. So

Speaker 3: what's the, what's the necklace and that. The hearings, what's necessary? The necklace and earrings I have on today as our, as the women grow leaf. Good. A cannabis leaf. Women grow. Cannabis leaf. Sorry for those of you that don't have never seen the woman grow and then I have little earrings to match. Um, yeah, it's a very interesting story. My Dad has been in diamonds and jewelry his entire career. I remember being a little girl and he had a big safe and he would open up the wax paper and the tools would be in there. So, um, I was telling him that you were lifting the industry up and we're legitimizing it and I wanted something other than pop culture crap, you know, to where, uh, in front of legislators on my a lapel and blah, blah, blah. Understood. Generally understood, poked pop culture I think is what your point is.

Speaker 3: Just a cheesy pens. And granted I love pop culture but not when you're standing trying to convince legislators stuff. So I was talking to my dad and next thing you know, he gives me this beautiful two and a half carat. I'm into belief that what blew my mind. And I was like, yeah, data. I didn't mean something exactly like that because I don't wear diamonds. I've never had a diamond in my life. So. But what I've learned and why we now have a jewelry line is it's changed people's mind on cannabis. I wear it, uh, in the airport and outside of the state and really people are interested and it gives them a way to start talking to me about cannabis. And I had this couple from Oregon that said, wow, if I would have talked to you before, I would have voted for legalization.

Speaker 3: Of course that was a few years ago. Now it's legal, but now you're dating yourself. Now I'm dating myself. So a dad and I decided to roll out gems by Jen and we have several collections. We have a diamond and gold collection. We have a silver collection, we have the women grow collection. And then we can also do custom pieces to my favorite is the, uh, the Silver Watch, the head of the data. You know, the Endeca Leaf? No, no, no, no. Leave the molecule. So I'll probably have dad do some molecules. But, um, the one, we have a lot of stuff that we can do, but I'm very excited about it. And it's, uh, it's less stressful. Seth, you're comparing it to, there's all sorts of stuff to talk about with Jen Murray. Yes. Because episode one, episode one one. So here we are, and let me remind you, at the time of episode one, you had transitioned to president of chem labs.

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