Ep. 506: Saul Kaye, iCan

Saul Kaye, founder and CEO of iCAN, briefly joins us and begins by sharing his thoughts about the cannabis market in Malta: “I don’t like cannabis markets that are export only. If you’re not treating your own patients, you’re doing a disservice to your country […] it’s a business thing, not a patient thing, and […]

Ep. 503: Joe Lusardi, Curaleaf

Joe Lusardi, CEO of Curaleaf, discusses getting started with the cannabis industry when Maine passed a dispensary bill back in 2009 and notes how much the industry has changed over the past 10 years. Lusardi also comments on the public safety issue surrounding vaping and tells us that most of the problems are coming from […]

Ep. 499: Cam Battley, Aurora

Cam Battley, CCO of Aurora Cannabis, begins by discussing the importance of social justice in the cannabis industry: “It’s part of the founding ethic of our company. It is what animates us. It’s what delivers a sense of mission […] We are business people, but in business, to be able to combine a sense of […]

Ep. 496: Fleesie Hubbard & Jim Belushi

Today, we are joined by two guests: Fleesie Hubbard, founder of FiveTen Wellness, and Jim Belushi, founder of Belushi’s cannabis farm. We begin with Fleesie Hubbard, whose business focuses on three main areas: patient education, advancing clinical research, and building community partnerships. Hubbard also discusses CBD and the way its role in the industry has […]

Current Events

Julie Berliner discusses current events across the cannabis landscape, including vaping, regulatory updates, and how Colorado positions itself as a cannabis leader.   As the vaping issue continues, different states have implemented a variety of solutions. Massachusetts bans vaping completely. Oregon only allows for full-spectrum simple cannabis vaping products. Colorado, on the other hand, takes […]


Cy Scott, founder of Leafly and Headset, kicks off his new CE column “Code” with this episode on data. Cy opens with a little background on his motivations for starting Leafly and Headset. He stresses Leafly’s focus on demystifying cannabis for the mainstream consumer. Headset was born out of the need for a B2B analytics […]

Corporate Governance

In this episode of “Navigating the Tides,” Emily Paxhia candidly discusses the so-called “vaping crisis” and how it relates to governance, investing, vaping at large, and the cannabis industry.                                                                                                                                           Hysteria While the country is reeling from gun violence, opioid abuse, and political volatility, Emily questions why the mainstream media is so fixated on vaping. […]

Thoughts on CBD

Julie Berliner discusses the societal and medicinal benefits of CBD post-prohibition including: CBD Acceptance CBD has worked as a bridge to socially acceptable cannabis use due to its non-psychoactive properties. People who otherwise wouldn’t consider cannabis as a part of their lives are now exploring its medicinal benefits. Still, the research hasn’t caught up with […]

Ep. 484: Narbe Alexandrian, Canopy Rivers

Narbe Alexandrian, President and CEO of Canopy Rivers, discusses the ins and outs of the cannabis investment space. Alexandrian notes that, when a company goes public, there’s a lot of pressure in terms of growth, and, unfortunately, a lot of companies simply can’t meet those lofty goals. He believes that cannabis companies today should be […]

Ep. 482: Roxanne Dennant, Fruit Slabs

A dietary revolution is happening all over the world, Roxanne Dennant, CEO of Fruit Slabs, points out. From veganism to gluten-free diets, a higher consciousness about quality choices regarding food is certainly taking hold. Despite how widespread this consciousness seems to be, Dennant noticed a lack of health and wellness options being offered in the […]