Ep. 539: Chuck Smith

This episode starts with Seth Adler and Dixie Elixirs’ Chuck Smith heading back in time to discuss the passage of Colorado’s House Bill 1090. The legal cannabis market went from caregiver only to medical to recreational adult use over the last 10 years. Colorado’s cannabis job growth, tax, and top-line revenue are still going up […]

Ep. 535: David Lonsdale

David Lonsdale, founder of Canafarma, discusses hemp, CBD, and the local, U.S. and global cannabis market. First, David walks through the supply chain process of the 55-acre New York farm from seedling to biomass. The meticulous approach Canafarma takes leads to higher CBD potencies and large yields. As regulations and science catch up, David expects […]

Cannabis Brands

Cannabis brands are the topic at hand for Narbe Alexandrian’s first edition of his new Canneconomy feature, “FutureSpeak.” More specifically, what forward-thinking strategies can cannabis companies deploy in order to set the stage for future success?

Ep. 532: Narbe Alexandrian, Canopy Rivers

Narbe Alexandrian, president and CEO of Canopy Rivers, explores the question, what forward-thinking strategies can cannabis companies deploy in order to set the stage for future success?

Ep. 531: Charlie Bachtell, CEO, Cresco Labs

Charlie Bachtell, CEO of Cresco Labs, discusses the nuts and bolts of running a cannabis business in this new, mid-Coronavirus world. After recognizing Charlotte Figi’s passing and honoring her contribution in the cannabis space, Charlie jumps in on where the cannabis industry is now and how his corporation is adapting. “What [COVID-19] has done, though, […]

Ep. 530: Ross Bradshaw, New Dia

Ross Bradshaw shares that his company, New Dia, was one of the first recipients of Massachusetts’s economic empowerment program; they are now licensed and will be opening their doors in Worcester by the end of July this year. Bradshaw shares how he got started in the industry: “One of the things that really was profound […]

Ep. 529: Guy Rocourt, Papa & Barkley

Guy Rocourt, of Papa & Barkley, returns for a discussion on good manufacturing practices (GMP). “The GMP is there to prevent the off-chance of something going wrong and to put in standard operating procedure. In our industry, we used to not be transparent because we were secretive, so the road to GMP is about professionalizing […]

Road to GMP

Guy Rocourt is both a veteran in the cannabis industry and a United States veteran. In this new feature, “Cannabis Veteran,” Guy recounts his experience as a veteran in both areas and discusses the future of adult-use cannabis through the lens of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Below is a brief outline of Guy’s main points.

Ep. 527: Socrates Rosenfeld

Socrates Rosenfeld, CEO of Jane Technologies Inc., discusses his military experience and how it has informed his entrepreneurial life. He shares one of his philosophies regarding doing business in cannabis: “I see all these people trying to do a lot and focus on things that they can’t control, whereas for us, I think, as stewards […]

Ep. 525: Bridget Conry, Companion Botanicals

Bridget Conry of Companion Botanicals joins us to discuss different anti-inflammatory drugs and the various ways of managing chronic pain. She describes the problem with pain medications: “You want to feel pain. We have pain because it tells us stop doing that or something’s wrong. And the reason it gets so dangerous when we mask […]