Ep. 484: Narbe Alexandrian, Canopy Rivers

Narbe Alexandrian, President and CEO of Canopy Rivers, discusses the ins and outs of the cannabis investment space. Alexandrian notes that, when a company goes public, there’s a lot of pressure in terms of growth, and, unfortunately, a lot of companies simply can’t meet those lofty goals. He believes that cannabis companies today should be […]

Ep. 482: Roxanne Dennant, Fruit Slabs

A dietary revolution is happening all over the world, Roxanne Dennant, CEO of Fruit Slabs, points out. From veganism to gluten-free diets, a higher consciousness about quality choices regarding food is certainly taking hold. Despite how widespread this consciousness seems to be, Dennant noticed a lack of health and wellness options being offered in the […]

Ep. 480: Alex Cooley, Solstice

Because Washington state’s cannabis economy began with such an excess of operators, there is currently a massive consolidation process taking place, according to Alex Cooley, co-founder of Solstice. Because of that excess, there were, naturally, some operators who conducted business poorly. As a result, Washington’s market and price point essentially collapsed (luckily, the economy has […]

Q3 Podcast Highlights

Episode 445 – U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton “The fact is that across this United States, the final verdict is in. So, Congress should just catch up. The police have caught up. You won’t find the police arresting people unless it’s out in the open, smoking almost in your face.” “I don’t believe that if […]

Q3 Column Highlights

Housing – U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna “Currently, rent control ordinances allow little security for renters. I’d like to repeal some of those laws, because our communities need reasonable rent control for its middle-class workers. We’re also working with HUD to allocate funding for public housing and affordable rent. We must continue to push for affordable housing.” […]

3 More Myths

The Paxhia returns to debunk three more myths surrounding the cannabis economy. 2019 has been the year of the stress test for cannabis companies. Forecasted numbers haven’t reflected the reality of the industry. Indeed, execution and regulation are at play here. In addition, Morgan discusses how investors react to the reality of the market. Massachusetts […]

Ep. 474: Chris Call, NorthBay CU

Chris Call, of the Northbay Credit Union, begins by discussing public safety by way of safe banking; after all, Northbay Credit Union is one of the only financial institutions in the Bay Area that accepts cannabis money. Call is committed to offering safe banking options in order to reduce the number of operators walking around […]


In the first installation of Omnibus, globetrotter Boris Blatnik’s new column, Japan is the subject at hand. Boris begins by explaining Japan’s strict CBD consumption rules. He also discusses why his company, KannaSwiss, still wants to break into that market. Japan is the 2020 location of the summer Olympics. In addition, Boris talks on its […]

Growth Mode

Mike Gorenstein joined us for the Digital Workshop and shared his thoughts on growth within the cannabis industry. He touched on a few key points. As the market matures and opens up, new opportunities for innovation present themselves. Mike compares Canada and Europe’s approach to the industry against the United States and makes a few […]


In this installment of Middle Ground, Carlos Curbelo touches on jobs, the economy, and where cannabis fits within them. Here are five key takeaways: Carlos gives partial credit to the controversial Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for the United State’s economic expansion. In today’s global economy, job creation in the United States is critical to […]