Ep. 525: Bridget Conry, Companion Botanicals

Bridget Conry of Companion Botanicals joins us to discuss different anti-inflammatory drugs and the various ways of managing chronic pain. She describes the problem with pain medications: “You want to feel pain. We have pain because it tells us stop doing that or something’s wrong. And the reason it gets so dangerous when we mask […]

Ep. 524: Jessica Assaf, Prima

Jessica Assaf, co-founder of CBD beauty brand Prima, begins by sharing with us her thoughts about the potential of cannabis to be a women-led industry: “This is really first time in history that women have the opportunity to design, build, and lead an industry from scratch, with no glass ceiling…cannabis is the opportunity to redefine […]

Ep. 523: Torsten Kuenzlen, Sundial Growers

Torsten Kuenzlen of Sundial Growers begins by discussing how welcoming Alberta, Canada has been toward the cannabis industry, allowing the province to truly be one of the country’s industry leaders. Kuenzelen shares with us Sundial’s intentions regarding the future of global operations: “As soon as we have the ability to export and then import into […]

AI vs. Cannabis

In this edition of “Code,” Cy Scott offers his opinion on this article put out by Andressen Horowitz and leverages his expertise in both AI, SaaS, and cannabis to draw some fascinating conclusions.

Ep. 522: Nancy Whiteman, Wana Brands

Nancy Whiteman, of Wana Brands, discusses operating in multiple markets that don’t behave like one another — for example, California and Illinois. She shares that “you have to approach every market kind of like the opposite of Groundhog Day. With a brand new set of rules. While you hope that there are learnings that you […]

Ep. 521: Peter Barsoom

Peter Barsoom begins by sharing with us his thoughts about why CBD is so popular, one of the reasons being that people are interested in cannabis as long as it doesn’t get them high. This insight is one of the main influences for Barsoom’s business philosophy: that it’s not about getting high; it’s about feeling […]

Ep. 518: Ray Gracewood, Organigram

Ray Gracewood, of Organigram Inc., joins to discuss the effects of federal legalization in Canada, the long process of getting the industry to a solid place, and where the rest of the world is by comparison. “It even gets more interesting when you start to couple the realities in and around how governments work and […]

Ep. 517: Hadley Ford, iAnthus

Hadley Ford shares his philosophy on business: “I just don’t watch the stock. You just focus on delighting your customers, on creating great products, on optimizing your operations, paying attention, just running a business…if you do that, the stock will take care of itself.” Ford discusses the volatility that drives the stock market, long-term versus […]

Ep. 516: Mike Gorenstein

Mike Gorenstein returns to explain the importance of focusing as a business in the cannabis industry: “It’s easy to say, ‘Well, we think we’re the best at all these,’ but if you then take that energy and you refocus it in one area, you’re likely to excel.” Gorenstein believes that the best way to get […]

Ep. 515: Chris Walsh, MJBiz

Chris Walsh dives into the industry’s exponential growth over the past several years, the SAFE Banking Act, and the frustrating process of incremental legislative change: “When something substantial actually is enacted into law is when you’re really going to see things open up.” Walsh also discusses the difference between the cannabis industry and the hemp […]