Ep. 540: Jason Ortiz, MCBA

Jason Ortiz of the Minority Cannabis Business Association reflects on the evolution of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), of which he is an alumnus, and the general shift in society’s perception of cannabis and current affairs. From economic issues to mental health wellness, cannabis activism and its following legislation is far from over—but […]

Ep. 534: Tseli Khiba, Advocate, High Court of Lesotho

And so being perhaps in a United Nations environment, which is a bit more conservative and very procedurally bound, it did take some adjustment to really appreciate the broader considerations that were on the table that countries had to consider legitimately.

Road to GMP

Guy Rocourt is both a veteran in the cannabis industry and a United States veteran. In this new feature, “Cannabis Veteran,” Guy recounts his experience as a veteran in both areas and discusses the future of adult-use cannabis through the lens of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Below is a brief outline of Guy’s main points.


On this edition of Omnibus, Boris Blatnik discusses the unique potential—and complicated relationships—for the cannabis market in China. “There’s a lot of shifting sands. We kind of have to be ducking and weaving all the time here as well. You just have to go with the flow.”


Carlos Curbelo, never one to shy away from the tough issues, discusses how cannabis reform and gun reform aren’t so different in the eyes of the Constitution, saying, “Common sense seems to bind a lot of these issues. It isn’t the most common of the senses in Congress, but we should still try to pursue it.”


Ethan Nadlemann stepped down from the DPA in 2017. He reflects on the years between 2017 and 2019 as cannabis continues its path forward legislativally, societally, and scientifically.


In this edition of Sensible, Betty sums up the previous decade, paints a bright picture of 2020, is brutally realistic about the past and hopeful about the future of the cannabis economy: “What if we get to be the industry that people look to in a hundred years that actually made a real difference here? That would just be an amazing thing to have been a part of, in some small way.”


It’s old news by now that the SAFE Banking Act has passed in the House and is waiting on Congress’s vote, but Tim Cullen has an update on where things currently stand. He discusses what it means for Colorado Harvest Company and retailers like them. Additionally, Tim pulls the curtain back on the vaping “crisis” and Colorado House Bill 19-1090.

2015 & 2016

Ethan Nadelmann discusses the pivotal marijuana reform that took place in 2015 and 2016 and how it all came to pass. “I never would have believed California would have worked out so well. There was intense, internecine conflict.”

Equity: Part 1

Neill discusses America’s progress—or lack thereof—in the realm of police equity and legal adult use cannabis in the 21st century. “As we look at those numbers of police encounters, stops, and arrests and so on, in Colorado, although the overall gross number of stops for every arrest for every demographic has declined dramatically by thousands in the state of Colorado, the disparity issue remains.”