Ep. 448: Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs

Charlie Bachtell joins us and shares how Cresco Labs and other medical cannabis providers have to adapt to pass regulation audits: “The objectives of the state are to make sure that you are tracking everything from seed to sale, that you are putting out as consistent and safe of a product as you, possibly, can, […]

EP. 431: Dr. Silviu Brill, Tel Aviv Medical Center

Dr. Silviu Brill, of the Pain Institute of Tel Aviv Medical Center, is passionate about the need for personalized medicine in Israel and around the world. Although he believes that some standardization is necessary, it is indisputable that each person and condition requires a unique ratio of THC and CBD. As Honorary Secretary of the […]

Ep. 429: Professor Gil Bar Sela, Rambam Academic Hospital

Professor Gil Bar-Sela joins us and explains how cannabis is used to treat different illnesses and conditions: “For example, if we want to bring cannabis as cancer treatment, then of course, we need to do a specific study trying to answer this indication like every medicine that goes into the market. If you are dealing […]

Ep. 428: Haleli Sharir, Cannabis Pharmeceuticals

Most of us know that cannabis can be used for things like pain relief, but what most of us certainly don’t know is that it can also be used to kill cancer cells. Dr. Haleli Sharir discusses the use of cannabis as an alternative to chemotherapy when done in the context of personalized medicine (as […]

Ep. 418: Charlie Bachtell, Cresco Labs

Charlie Bachtell joins us to talk about the cannabis space outside of the more classic states of California, Oregon, and Colorado. He has been part of a growing geographical footprint in Illinois, with the mission of normalizing and professionalizing cannabis. In Illinois, safety has been the main concern over other aspects like revenue, and the […]

Ep. 387: Hemp Spotlight, Wendy Mosher and Samantha Walsh

Samantha Walsh and Wendy Mosher join us and share the importance of all the moving parts in cannabis product manufacturing and agriculture: “It’s not in the scale of processing. We need all these pieces to come together and we’re getting there, but being able to process, ship it across state lines and get it approved […]

Ep. 386: Hemp Spotlight, Kelly Thornton and Cory Sharp

Kelly Thornton and Cory Sharp join us and share a number of ways hemp can be used in manufacturing and construction: “Straw is going to mold if it gets wet. Critters can get into straw. With hemp, the hydraulic lime is the key to making a concrete alternative which is extremely fire resistant. It’s an […]

Ep. 385: Hemp Spotlight: Rick Trojan & Morris Beegle and Rick Trojan

Rick Trojan and Morris Beegle on independent agriculture “Farming, manufacturing are subsidized with all sorts of incentives. We don’t need that with hemp. Other countries, China? They’re killing it on the fiber side. 90% of what Canada grows, we eat. So the market’s there, we’re just don’t have the infrastructure yet. But it’s coming.”

Ep. 374: Panaxia (Tour)

Arturo from Panaxia explains the processes and equipment that go into producing pharmaceutical cannabis: “Regular analytical systems allow you to see cannabinoids to the milligram level. This machine allows you to see to the nanogram levels, now that allows you to do two things. One of them is detect the levels of cannabinoids in the […]

Ep. 369: Dr. Shauli Lev Ran

Shauli Lev Ran elaborates on the benefits of increasing research methodologies: “If we’re talking about 4,000 people smoking daily, they may be smoking hundreds of different strains with very different combinations. And we’re kind of making conclusions or sometimes jumping to conclusions that it is associated with higher or lower levels of THC. But like […]