In this episode of “Equal Access,” Shaleen addresses Massachusetts’s sweeping prohibition on all vaping products. She offers reason for her concern, and viable solutions for government, businesses, and consumers alike.  Despite unsuccessful attempts at prohibition in the past, the knee-jerk reaction to the current issues around vaping is repeating prohibition’s harmful cycle. The ban leads […]

Corporate Governance

In this episode of “Navigating the Tides,” Emily Paxhia candidly discusses the so-called “vaping crisis” and how it relates to governance, investing, vaping at large, and the cannabis industry.                                                                                                                                           Hysteria While the country is reeling from gun violence, opioid abuse, and political volatility, Emily questions why the mainstream media is so fixated on vaping. […]

Ep. 487: Congressman Soto

U.S. Congressman Darren Soto joins us to discuss the passing of bills, such as the SAFE Banking Act that just recently passed in the House. As well, Soto tells us about some environmental bills and bills related to disaster recovery that are in the works. Because Congress is so divided, it has been extremely difficult […]

Calming the Violence

Neill Franklin comes to us from Baltimore for this episode of “Enforcing the Peace” and offers solutions to the violence that plagues the beautiful city. Neill opens by acknowledging Baltimore’s new police commissioner, Mike Harrison, from New Orleans. He then reminds us that the police department is just one piece of the overall picture for […]

Ep. 486: US Congressman Joyce

U.S. Congressman Dave Joyce discusses the STATES Act and how local economies would play out if cannabis reform were treated as a states’ rights issue. Although the STATES Act is not a full solution, Joyce believes that it’s very teed up to go, as it is compact and easy for people to understand. Joyce notes […]

Ep. 485: US Congressman Lieu

U.S. Congressman Ted Lieu has been fighting for cannabis reform for many years; in fact, he was one of the authors of the ballot guide statement supporting cannabis legalization in California. Congressman Lieu believes that the U.S. should not spend a single cent more trying to eradicate cannabis: “My opinion is that the federal government […]

3 C’s of Global Cannabis

Rick Trojan compares and contrasts the global hemp markets in China, Colombia, and Colorado in this episode of “Hemp Action.” To kick things off, Trojan discusses the state of hemp processing in Colorado. He goes in depth on several different methods to extract the nutrients and other beneficial properties from the hemp stalk, leaves, and […]

Ep. 483: Cat Packer, City of Los Angeles

Cat Packer, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation, is working to transition medical cannabis operators over to California’s new commercial framework. Although the state has had medical cannabis for years, it has not been regulated by the city of Los Angeles until this point, so a lot of catch up is […]

Ep. 479: Louisa Mojela

Louisa Mojela, the incoming chair for Halo Labs, Inc., joins us from Cape Town, South Africa. Within South Africa is the nation of Lesotho, which is on its way to becoming a global cannabis leader. Mojela explains that, because Lesotho was the first African country to legalize both the cultivation and manufacturing of medical cannabis […]

Ep. 478: Sabrina Fendrick, BPG

The Berkeley Patients Group is the oldest continually operating dispensary in the country, and has historically been a model for how the industry should operate and what corporate social responsibility should look like. Sabrina Fendrick is the Director of Government Affairs for BPG, which means that she is in charge of the policy side of […]