We are joined by two guests today: Philasande Mahlakatha, UFSN, and Baphele Mhlaba, Chief of Staff, Eastern Cape Office of the Premier. Mahlakatha begins by discussing the history of prohibition and the logistics of cannabis agriculture. She also wants to make sure that the community is involved with the process: “As the industry starts to boom, to flourish, if you want, in South Africa, we would like to make sure that the people are well represented.” Baphele Mhlaba then joins the discussion and talks about home grow, regulating cannabis for medical use, and ethical agriculture: “Not only did [law enforcement] disregard this government, the ongoing health implications of spraying chemicals over foodstuffs, over water resources and all those other components that are related to the injustice method against our people in the name of making sure that we enforce the laws.”


Seth Adler: A focus on the East Cape of South Africa with [Bapelli Masavi 00:00:05] and [Pillasande Malacotta 00:00:08] both joining us.
Seth Adler: Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on Canneconnomy.com that's two N's in the word economy or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First a word from our supporter and then Bapelli Blapa and Pillasande Malacotta.
Seth Adler: I've known the family behind Medicine Man for the past eight years. Pioneers in Colorado. The family business helped set the path for global adult use cannabis. MG Magazine has voted them "Top 50 Cannabis Companies to Work For" two consecutive years running.
Seth Adler: Check out their website at MedicineManDenver.com or visit one of their locations in Denver, Aurora, Thorton or Longmont the next time you're in Colorado to understand how one family has helped chart the course for the next great American industry.
Philasande: I'm Philasande Mahlakatha. I work as a project coordinator for [inaudible 00:01:23] Farmers' Support Network, which is an organization that is based in Port St. John's in the Bonderland region in the Cape Province of South Africa. I'm at the Canna Tech.
Seth Adler: Yeah, you're at Canna Tech, I'm at Canna Tech. We're at Canna Tech together. And I guess a good way to start this before we bring in our friend is to maybe get your thoughts on the film that was shown here. It was an amazing thing to me and you were featured prominently. So please share with folks what was in the film because it featured your farmers, right, your farmer network. Yes.
Philasande: The people that we work for as an organization, a very large community in Bonderland, cannabis cultivating community. They have been for a very long time, for over 300 years, for as long as it can be remembered. Being at Canna Tech is basically as a voice for all those hundreds of thousands of people who can't be here for themselves and who can't be in these conversations.
Seth Adler: So one by one by one by one.
Philasande: Yes, as an organization we've taken it upon ourselves to be those people that connect those communities with the developments.
Seth Adler: A conduit, a liaison.

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