Ep. 478: Sabrina Fendrick, BPG

The Berkeley Patients Group is the oldest continually operating dispensary in the country, and has historically been a model for how the industry should operate and what corporate social responsibility should look like. Sabrina Fendrick is the Director of Government Affairs for BPG, which means that she is in charge of the policy side of […]


In the first edition of her new column, Catalyst, Amanda Reiman discusses her thesis on the environmental effects of cannabis legalization. Amanda opens by outlining additional progressive social movements that may get a boost from the legalization of cannabis. In addition, environmentalism is examined through a new—and hopefully improved—lens as the conversation opens up to […]


During this conversation, Neill Franklin unpacks two complex issues—immigration and drug policy—and touches on these key points:   Neill begins by explaining the United State’s role in the immigration “crisis”. As well, he discusses how our drug policy has contributed to the issues south of the border. By forcing drug prohibition upon the world, the […]

Q3 Podcast Highlights

Episode 445 – U.S. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton “The fact is that across this United States, the final verdict is in. So, Congress should just catch up. The police have caught up. You won’t find the police arresting people unless it’s out in the open, smoking almost in your face.” “I don’t believe that if […]

Q3 Column Highlights

Housing – U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna “Currently, rent control ordinances allow little security for renters. I’d like to repeal some of those laws, because our communities need reasonable rent control for its middle-class workers. We’re also working with HUD to allocate funding for public housing and affordable rent. We must continue to push for affordable housing.” […]

Ep. 475: Pavel Pachta

Pavel Pachta joins us to discuss the history and current state of international drug control treaties. Pachta shares that these treaties were drafted in order to prevent drug abuse and addiction – because of that, Pachta believes that there is no sense in controlling a cannabis product that contains no THC. Pachta also believes that […]


Before we dive in on the cannabis happenings of 2014, let’s recap the events leading up to it. The big victories in Colorado and Washington State legalizing recreational cannabis took place in 2012. However, they brought with them questions like, how will those laws be implemented? What are the feds going to do? In 2013, […]


Veterans are interested in a way to combat issues related to war as effectively and safely as possible. Cannabis provides both physical and mental relief to veterans. Still,   the laws have yet to allow for its use on a federal level. However, currently there is a package of three bipartisan bills that work as a […]

Ep. 473: NY State Senator Diane Savino

New York State Senator Diane Savino joins us to discuss legislative procedures in New York and how, unfortunately, New York was recently unable to pass adult use. Savino notes that, when drafting a bill, it is important that you don’t allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good: “You compromise and you start […]


In this installment of Middle Ground, Carlos Curbelo touches on jobs, the economy, and where cannabis fits within them. Here are five key takeaways: Carlos gives partial credit to the controversial Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for the United State’s economic expansion. In today’s global economy, job creation in the United States is critical to […]