Ep. 495: Richard Parrott, CDFA

Richard Parrott, Division Director for CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing of the CDFA, is currently working to transition those with provisional licenses over to annual licenses. As well, Parrott and his team are looking to set up parameters to establish a certified organic cannabis program. In order to draft correct regulations, it is essential to hear from […]

Ep. 494: Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo, cannabis activist and entrepreneur, discusses legalization in California beginning with the secret history of Prop 64. He poses the question: “Is flawed legalization better than no legalization at all?” In that same vein, DeAngelo notes that, because every part of the supply chain is now taxed, adult use has paradoxically driven some people […]

Ep. 493: Terra Carver

Terra Carver, of the Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance, joins us to discuss the best way to move the cannabis industry forward: “When we advocate…we’re really trying to look beyond just making money or thinking about this as a business and ensuring that we’re protecting our environment, we’re protecting our communities and keeping the ecosystem of […]

Cannabis 2.0

Cannabis 2.0 conceptualizes a new era of cannabis legislation. If we call the prohibition Cannabis 0.0, Cannabis 1.0 was—and still is—legalization. Betty takes us through what Cannabis 2.0 means to her as a 4Front board member.   Cannabis 2.0 What makes the cannabis industry unique is its newness. An entire new corporate landscape is being […]

Ep. 492: US Congressman Don Young

While the passing of the SAFE Banking Act in the House is a great victory for everybody, U.S. Congressman Don Young wants to urge everybody who cares about SAFE Banking to call their senators and encourage them to vote yes on the bill as well. In terms of what’s next, Young says that the cannabis […]

Ep. 491: US Congressman Jared Huffman

For U.S. Congressman Jared Huffman, the passing of the SAFE Banking Act says a lot more than merely where we are on banking; he believes that it is an indicator that we are well past the tipping point on ending cannabis prohibition. He notes that we are definitely not finished with cannabis reform, especially because […]

Ep. 490: US Congressman Denver Riggleman

For U.S. Congressman Denver Riggleman, the SAFE Banking Act is about both freedom and controlling criminal activity; passing the bill was simply a matter of common sense. Although the bill isn’t perfect, we should be welcoming of iterative change. When discussing the social justice element of cannabis reform, Riggleman brings attention to the Opportunity Zones […]

Ep. 489: US Congresswoman Titus

U.S. Congresswoman Dina Titus discusses the passing of the SAFE Banking Act — the first standalone cannabis bill to pass in the House while also being bipartisan. Titus believes that the topic of banking will appeal to Senate Republicans much better than issues of civil liberties or criminal justice would. Titus discusses some difficulties that […]

Ep. 488: US Congressman Massie

Although U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie is typically against too much regulation, he is glad to see the SAFE Banking Act pass in the House, as it will help to undo other ineffective laws. Massie notes that the bill passed with the support of 91 Republicans, which is quite indicative of how far Congress has come […]


In this episode of “Equal Access,” Shaleen addresses Massachusetts’s sweeping prohibition on all vaping products. She offers reason for her concern, and viable solutions for government, businesses, and consumers alike.  Despite unsuccessful attempts at prohibition in the past, the knee-jerk reaction to the current issues around vaping is repeating prohibition’s harmful cycle. The ban leads […]