Ep. 507: David Torrisi, Commonwealth Dispensary Association

David Torrisi, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Dispensary Association, joins us to discuss medical operators and adult use operators in the state of Massachusetts. Torrisi tells us about changes and progress that have taken place in Massachusetts over the past several years: “People thought the sky was going to fall, and there’s still some people […]

Ep. 505: Boston Vaping Panel

We speak with the Boston Vaping Panel to discuss the recently decided four-month vaping ban: “The bottom line here is we have over 1200 people across the country dying in intensive care unit from something that’s vaguely related to these devices. I’ve never felt that these devices were safe, but it’s coming to a head […]

Ep. 504: Kris Krane, 4Front

Kris Krane, co-founder and President of 4Front, returns and begins by sharing his experience as a cannabis activist in the ’90s, which consisted mainly of playing defense and repealing bad laws. He walks us through the evolution of the industry since that time and notes that 2012 was when the industry really experienced a true […]

Ep. 501: Guy Rocourt

Guy Rocourt, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Papa & Barkley, discusses the regulatory progress California has made over the past few years as well as what makes cannabis regulations especially unique. Rocourt also talks about the currently underwhelming steps that the state is taking in terms of justice and equity in the cannabis industry: […]

Ep. 498: Troy Dayton

Troy Dayton, CEO of the ArcView Group, begins by discussing the recent passing of the SAFE Banking Act: “Forcing people to deal with cash, even if you oppose legalization, is outrageous. Everybody has agreed forever that these businesses should have access to banking.” Dayton believes that this victory will make a huge difference to the […]

Ep. 495: Richard Parrott, CDFA

Richard Parrott, Division Director for CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing of the CDFA, is currently working to transition those with provisional licenses over to annual licenses. As well, Parrott and his team are looking to set up parameters to establish a certified organic cannabis program. In order to draft correct regulations, it is essential to hear from […]

Ep. 494: Steve DeAngelo

Steve DeAngelo, cannabis activist and entrepreneur, discusses legalization in California beginning with the secret history of Prop 64. He poses the question: “Is flawed legalization better than no legalization at all?” In that same vein, DeAngelo notes that, because every part of the supply chain is now taxed, adult use has paradoxically driven some people […]

Ep. 493: Terra Carver

Terra Carver, of the Humboldt County Grower’s Alliance, joins us to discuss the best way to move the cannabis industry forward: “When we advocate…we’re really trying to look beyond just making money or thinking about this as a business and ensuring that we’re protecting our environment, we’re protecting our communities and keeping the ecosystem of […]

Cannabis 2.0

Cannabis 2.0 conceptualizes a new era of cannabis legislation. If we call the prohibition Cannabis 0.0, Cannabis 1.0 was—and still is—legalization. Betty takes us through what Cannabis 2.0 means to her as a 4Front board member.   Cannabis 2.0 What makes the cannabis industry unique is its newness. An entire new corporate landscape is being […]

Ep. 492: US Congressman Don Young

While the passing of the SAFE Banking Act in the House is a great victory for everybody, U.S. Congressman Don Young wants to urge everybody who cares about SAFE Banking to call their senators and encourage them to vote yes on the bill as well. In terms of what’s next, Young says that the cannabis […]