Ep. 536: Neill Franklin

Neill Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Active Partnership (LEAP), discusses the uncertainties of today and how we should approach solutions. Ultimately, policing involves maintaining order during chaos. Achieving this through training, solid relationships, and the proper equipment assists police departments in their de-escalation and communication efforts. However, Neill also wants to redirect the police […]

Road to GMP

Guy Rocourt is both a veteran in the cannabis industry and a United States veteran. In this new feature, “Cannabis Veteran,” Guy recounts his experience as a veteran in both areas and discusses the future of adult-use cannabis through the lens of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Below is a brief outline of Guy’s main points.

Ep. 528: Terra Carver, Humbolt County Growers Alliance

Terra Carver, Executive Director of the Humboldt Country Growers’ Alliance, discusses how the changing seasons are affecting cannabis farmers and growers in Northern California. Unfortunately, California is dryer than usual right now, which has caused difficulty for farmers. Carver explains the three most important things that cover crops do and also gives some insight into […]

Winter Meets Spring

Finally, winter meets spring. Terra Carver’s new feature, “Soil to Statute,” leverages her experience and knowledge as both a cannabis farmer and advocate. In this edition, Terra offers a crash course in these two fundamentals of the adult-use cannabis industry. Highlighted below are the key topics Terra covers.

Ep. 526: Former US Congressman Carlos Curbelo

Former U.S. Congressman Carlos Curbelo returns for a conversation on politics and legislation. Curbelo explains that, because of all the noise amidst impeachment and the Democratic primary, congressional campaigns have flown largely under the radar. He also discusses the political cost of switching parties and emphasizes that reelection is everyone’s biggest priority. Curbelo talks about […]

2020: Part 1

On this edition of “Middle Ground”, Carlos discusses if such a thing is even possible in 2020 with the current political climate.

Ep. 519: Betty Aldworth

Betty Aldworth returns to join us for a discussion on what 2020 will mean for cannabis policy reform and for Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). She strongly believes that 2020 will be one of the biggest years for legislative reform the movement has ever seen: “In 2020, we are looking at as many as […]


Carlos Curbelo, never one to shy away from the tough issues, discusses how cannabis reform and gun reform aren’t so different in the eyes of the Constitution, saying, “Common sense seems to bind a lot of these issues. It isn’t the most common of the senses in Congress, but we should still try to pursue it.”

Ep. 512: Baphele Mhlaba, Chief of Staff, Eastern Cape Office of the Premier & Philasande Mahlakatha, UFSN

We are joined by two guests today: Philasande Mahlakatha, UFSN, and Baphele Mhlaba, Chief of Staff, Eastern Cape Office of the Premier. Mahlakatha begins by discussing the history of prohibition and the logistics of cannabis agriculture. She also wants to make sure that the community is involved with the process: “As the industry starts to […]


In this edition of Sensible, Betty sums up the previous decade, paints a bright picture of 2020, is brutally realistic about the past and hopeful about the future of the cannabis economy: “What if we get to be the industry that people look to in a hundred years that actually made a real difference here? That would just be an amazing thing to have been a part of, in some small way.”