Amanda Ostrowitz joins us and shares that she bootstrapped herself into a cashflow positive, debt free reality when she got an acquisition offer from MassRoots. While it was surprising as she was fundraising but not looking to get acquired…she was looking to grow. So she decided to move forward. With the deal nearly complete Issac Deitrich was removed as the CEO of MassRoots and so Amanda withdrew from the deal. She shares her thoughts and feelings as well as lessons learned from that experience.
Welcome to Cannabis Economy, I’m your host Seth Adler, check us out on social with handle canneconomy- that’s two n’s and the word economy.
But first a quick conversation with Kayvan Khalatbari on the MCBA Opportunity Summit March 22-24 in Denver. Great speakers and sponsors are already lined up and you can get your tickets at MCBAOpportunity.Eventbrite.com Here’s Kayvan and then Amanda.


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