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Cannabis 2.0

Betty Aldworth, Executive Director, SSDP | December 4, 2019

Cannabis 2.0 conceptualizes a new era of cannabis legislation. If we call the prohibition Cannabis 0.0, Cannabis 1.0 was—and still is—legalization. Betty takes us through what Cannabis 2.0 means to her as a 4Front board member.   Cannabis 2.0 What makes the cannabis industry unique is its newness. An entire new corporate landscape is being born. That means cannabis operators have an opportunity—and as they see it, a duty—to prove that the cannabis industry has a positive long-term social, economic, and environmental impact. While it’s not perfect, the cannabis is moving the needle forward in terms of how all companies think about their impact on the world around them. That’s why it is such a big deal that 4Front, a leading cross-state brand in cannabis, put an advocate activist on the board. Additionally, the Safe Banking Act just passed the House. While it still has a way to go before becoming a law, what it means for government in its cannabis legalization efforts is significant. Reactionary laws Vaping – Betty next discusses the so-called vaping crisis and why a reactionary response is harmful to society. She compares that against Colorado’s response, which was to get to the root of the problem—vitamin E acetate—and simply ban the additive. By legalizing and regulating cannabis, we can prevent these types of incidents. We know prohibitions don’t work, and we know regulations matter. Flavored vapes – Some states are looking to ban flavored vape cartridges completely because of its appeal with kids. Betty details the flaw …

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