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| September 27, 2019

In the first installation of Omnibus, globetrotter Boris Blatnik’s new column, Japan is the subject at hand. Boris begins by explaining Japan’s strict CBD consumption rules. He also discusses why his company, KannaSwiss, still wants to break into that market. Japan is the 2020 location of the summer Olympics. In addition, Boris talks on its relevance to the cannabis industry in Japan. KannaSwiss takes a dual approach to entering the Japanese market: distributing their bulk, non-branded products to third parties, and eventually refining the KannaSwiss product to meet the Japanese legal standards. Japan’s SOP, or standard operating procedure, is rigorous. Boris is confident his company has the tools necessary to meet and exceed such standards. Learn more about Boris Blatnik’s take on the Japanese cannabis economy and how KanaSwiss plans to successfully enter the playing field by watching the video below.  

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