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US Congressman Seth Moulton | October 1, 2019

Veterans are interested in a way to combat issues related to war as effectively and safely as possible. Cannabis provides both physical and mental relief to veterans. Still,   the laws have yet to allow for its use on a federal level. However, currently there is a package of three bipartisan bills that work as a good start to providing for those in need. Bill 1 The first bill allows VA healthcare providers to simply talk about cannabis with veterans and allow veterans to talk about the cannabis they may currently be using, even if it is outside of VA prescription. With this bill, veterans can safely talk to their medical provider without fear of repercussions. By providing a full medical history and treatment plan to their healthcare provider, veterans and doctors can work closer together to create a safe and effective plan of care. Bill 2 The second bill simply provides a survey to understand the usage of cannabis among the veteran population. The more we understand about veteran usage, the better we can serve our veterans. Science and governments can use the results of this survey as a baseline for further testing and reformation. As an open democratic society, we should strive to make fact-based decisions as opposed to propaganda or fear-based decisions. Bill 3 The third bill provides some general education for VA healthcare providers on cannabis. Veterans should be able to get the healthcare they deserve. Instead, as I can attest to through my interactions with my platoon on …

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