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Shaleen Title, Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission | November 15, 2019

In this episode of “Equal Access,” Shaleen addresses Massachusetts’s sweeping prohibition on all vaping products. She offers reason for her concern, and viable solutions for government, businesses, and consumers alike.  Despite unsuccessful attempts at prohibition in the past, the knee-jerk reaction to the current issues around vaping is repeating prohibition’s harmful cycle. The ban leads consumers of vaping products back to the illicit market—where the true danger lies. Purposeful regulation Proper regulation increases safety. Testing vape products and providing regulated safe patient access increases product safety. While it has caused some public scorn, Shaleen addresses Massachusetts’s slow cannabis legalization roll-out. Massachusetts spent two years creating a system where every product receives testing and tracking. This time investment is a safeguard against any problem products. By forcing some of these products back into prohibition, the power to ensure its safety is stripped from Massachusetts. As of today, no legal vape products in Massachusetts are causing health issues. Additionally, vaping bans lump eCigarettes in with THC products. It even includes dry flower vaporizer products, which are not implicated in any of the identified illnesses at all. No other state goes that far. It leaves patients, particularly those with nicotine addiction, very few options. The speculation around vitamin E acetate as the culprit to these illnesses highlights the need for disclosure, safety standards, and heavy regulation of these products. Finding a solution Shaleen reiterates her concern over vaping related illnesses. The question arises, why worry about vaping when so many other products are so much …

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