As the CEO of Cresco Labs, LLC, Bachtell ensures that Cresco is an industry leader, setting new standards for a progressive, transparent and reputable medical cannabis community, all the while ensuring that Cresco is operating in a professional, secure and compliant manner. Bachtell is an attorney with deep legal expertise in regulatory compliance, a founding member of the Illinois Cannabis Bar Association and an Adjunct Professor at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law teaching a course on legal and regulatory matters in the cannabis industry. Prior to founding Cresco, Bachtell served as general counsel for the seventh largest mortgage bank in the country, and was widely recognized as an authority at the forefront of the regulatory and legislative overhaul of the residential mortgage industry.


Charlie Bachtell, CEO, Cresco Labs
May 26, 2019

Conversations about cannabis lack “normalcy” as the subject matter has long had a stigma associated with it. It has been illegal and developed..

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