Guy Rocourt is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer for Papa & Barkley, a leading California cannabis wellness company.

At P&B Guy is responsible for optimizing production practices, ensuring the company complies with rigorous testing and lab standards, and developing the product roadmap as the brand continues to expand into different areas of the cannabis marketplace.

Previously Guy designed and built manufactured infused products facilities (MIPs) in multiple states, making him an expert in Cannabis science, tech, strategy, and production. Due to his vast experience he is an asset to those hoping to invest in the space. He also has experience caring for patients with Cannabis. Guy graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is a U.S. Navy veteran.

Rocourt uses his keen understanding of the Cannabis plant, Cannabis culture, and business acumen to craft a variety of wellness products and is on a mission like P&B to unlock the power of the plant to improve people’s lives. Rocourt is passionate about advocating for Cannabis through public speaking and maintaining an authentic space within Cannabis Culture even as Papa & Barkley continues to grow.

Road to GMP

April 6, 2020

Guy Rocourt is both a veteran in the cannabis industry and a United States veteran. In this new feature, “Cannabis Veteran,” Guy recounts his experience as a veteran in both areas and discusses the future of adult-use cannabis through the lens of good manufacturing practice (GMP). Below is a brief outline of Guy’s main points.

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