Terra J. Carver has been involved in Humboldt County’s cannabis community for nearly two decades.  After her first few years farming, she began studying Sustainable Agriculture at College of Redwoods to gain a deeper understanding of best management practices and responsible land stewardship.

In 2014 her love for agriculture combined with a passion for preserving the delicate eco-systems of the North Coast led her advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry and responsible regulation. In 2015 she helped shape Humboldt County’s land use ordinance that was unanimously passed by the Board of Supervisors in early 2016. Along with advocacy, she organized community meetings and workshops to encourage cannabis farmers to become educated and engage with the compliance process.

Terra genuinely believes cannabis farms in Northern California have the opportunity to become worldwide leaders in sustainable agriculture. She looks forward to the paradigm shift when cannabis grown in Humboldt County is not only recognized as the best quality but also recognized for being produced with the highest environmental and social standards possible.

Terra’s past advocacy work has included a board seat with California Cannabis Voice Humboldt’s (2015-16), a board seat on California Growers Association board (2016-18) where she served as Policy Chair from 2016-18. Currently, Terra is co-founder and Executive Director of the Humboldt County Growers Alliance (HCGA).

Winter Meets Spring

April 2, 2020

Finally, winter meets spring. Terra Carver’s new feature, “Soil to Statute,” leverages her experience and knowledge as both a cannabis farmer and advocate. In this edition, Terra offers a crash course in these two fundamentals of the adult-use cannabis industry. Highlighted below are the key topics Terra covers.

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