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The cannabis industry is growing fast, and it’s unlike any other industry out there. From the restrictive cash-only model to an often over-regulated supply chain, we take a look at the challenges and triumphs of cannabis business around the world.

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Cannabis research has been historically limited, but many pioneering researchers are dedicated to unlocking the science of marijuana and the endocannabinoid system. Keep up to date with the facts backed by the latest research.

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Policy has a massive influence on the cannabis industry, and more politicians are coming out in favor of cannabis use. We take a hard look at cannabis policies on the local, federal, and international levels.

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Featured Contributors

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, Professor and Chemist

Michael Gorenstein, CEO, Cronos Group

James M. Cole, Former US Deputy Attorney General

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Interview with U.S. Senator Cory Gardner

Senator Cory Gardner talks about the path of the STATES Act, which has been surprisingly, and perhaps ironically, cleared by the helping hand of Jeff Sessions.

How Retail Informs the Industry

Touchpoint and chokepoint; they sound like they might be very different. One’s very aggressive. One’s very soft. But they’re both relevant to what retail means for the space.

CBD Science Circa 2011

2011 was when I really started looking into cannabidiol, or CBD. There was a group of parents that were talking about this in a little social media group.

Michael Gorenstein, Cronos Group

Michael Gorenstein shares Cronos’ goals for expanding reach: “For us it’s about creating a global platform, and innovating products so that we can pilot these out, we can get the products in Canada.