Rock Climbing

Paige Figi, Mother of Charlotte, Patient Advocate | August 10, 2019

I have a stressful life. I know I’m not the only one, and I advocate strongly for anyone whose lives are heaped with stress to take care of themselves. Charlotte’s first five years were hellish for us all. She was so sick. As a parent, it was sometimes necessary to put myself second for the sake of survival. However, that also meant that the stressors of handling Charlotte’s medical emergencies, putting out one fire after another, left us all with a little PTSD. It is common for parents of medical kids to suffer from a range of mental health diagnoses. As Charlotte regained her health, I worked to regain mine by rekindling old hobbies. I used to love to rock climb. Charlotte is 12 now, and we’ve had over seven glorious years of a generally non-medical existence. I’m climbing again. I have other pursuits as well, other more typical hobbies, but climbing is important to me. I cannot be idle. Down for the count During one outing, I tore something in my arm. I took some time off from climbing, probably between four to six months, and I had to let that part of me go. I ended up in an unhealthy mind frame all over again. After six months of no improvement, I decided to try CBD. I get the irony. I’ve been giving CBD to my kids for over seven years. I know well its anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. Our family was Ground Zero for CBD. One would think …

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