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| December 1, 2019

Cy Scott, founder of Leafly and Headset, kicks off his new CE column “Code” with this episode on data. Cy opens with a little background on his motivations for starting Leafly and Headset. He stresses Leafly’s focus on demystifying cannabis for the mainstream consumer. Headset was born out of the need for a B2B analytics service provider in the cannabis space. Leafly When Leafly went live, there were no numbers to crunch. Leafly overcame this by creating original content and eventually croudsourcing information through reviews. First, however, they build a following using the Reddit model. Content gets posted internally until enough interest is generated. Leafly began by focusing on 50 common cannabis strains. After researching and rating those strains, it was game on. Consumers started submitting hundreds of thousands of cannabis reviews. Cy then discusses how Leafly leveraged the cryptic, rudimentary data in the early days. Finally, Cy touches on Leafly’s evolution and how it uses sentient technology to garner insights. Headset With B2B focus, Headset’s mission is to gather retail data from and for dispensaries. They’ve processed close to 700,000 SKUs and $7 billion in sales from close to 1,000 retailers and dispensaries—a number that’s growing rapidly. The innovation of cannabis consumables means new products are being out to the market all the time. While Headset’s model is mature, the industry itself is rapidly growing. Headset gives that data a home and a purpose. Data for days Finally, Seth and Cy wrap up their conversation on some Tesla musings. Cy examines …

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