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Julie Berliner, CEO, Sweet Grass Kitchen | November 10, 2019

Julie Berliner discusses the societal and medicinal benefits of CBD post-prohibition including: CBD Acceptance CBD has worked as a bridge to socially acceptable cannabis use due to its non-psychoactive properties. People who otherwise wouldn’t consider cannabis as a part of their lives are now exploring its medicinal benefits. Still, the research hasn’t caught up with the explosion of the cannabis market, and we still have a long way to go to understand the scope of its benefits. It is important to base claims on facts and clinical trials—not on anecdotal evidence or for the sake marketing. Responsible Distribution Next, Julie discusses Sweet Grass’ approach to marketing. Science has yet to catch up to the anecdotal benefits of CBD, such as pain relief and anti-nausea, and Julie is careful that Sweet Grass doesn’t makes false claims about their products. She has observed others in the industry making claims that opens them up to liability. Consumer Consciousness Finally, Julie gives tips to those who seek out CBD on what to look out for in the market. She warns against trusting a source who makes grandiose claims about the compound, especially when it comes to serious medical issues. The CBD that can be purchased at Walgreen’s; Bed, Bath & Beyond; the local health juice vendor; or even manicurist is not the same as CBD that is on the shelves of dispensaries. Dispensaries are held to a higher standard of testing.   Watch the full discussion below to glean more insights on CBD’s evolving place in …

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