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| October 9, 2019

In the first edition of her new column, Catalyst, Amanda Reiman discusses her thesis on the environmental effects of cannabis legalization. Amanda opens by outlining additional progressive social movements that may get a boost from the legalization of cannabis. In addition, environmentalism is examined through a new—and hopefully improved—lens as the conversation opens up to a larger paradigm. Amanda stresses the importance of applying positive policies and procedures while the cannabis economy is young and malleable. Indeed, these policies should be in the backbone of cannabis cultivation, production, and distribution. Certain current policies go against the environmental efforts of the cannabis movement. For example, the inability to ship across state lines. The root of cannabis culture comes from an environmental ethos. That ethos must be on the forefront of the legalization movement for the sake of the globe. Amanda offers advice to consumers on how to pick responsibly-sourced cannabis. On a personal note, Amanda discusses her recent surgery and how THC and CBD has aided in her recovery. Learn more about how cannabis can help us heal or globe—and our bodies—by listening to the full conversation below.

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