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Calming the Violence

Neill Franklin, Executive Director, Law Enforcement Action Partnership | November 12, 2019

Neill Franklin comes to us from Baltimore for this episode of “Enforcing the Peace” and offers solutions to the violence that plagues the beautiful city. Neill opens by acknowledging Baltimore’s new police commissioner, Mike Harrison, from New Orleans. He then reminds us that the police department is just one piece of the overall picture for solving the problem of violence. The root of violence The social dynamics in a city play into its level of violence. For example, are there jobs, economic empowerment, and education opportunities? Our approach to drug use and drug addiction is also a factor. Neill believes law enforcement cannot be the tip of that spear. Neill outlines Baltimore’s problem around the illicit drug market and why it’s a breeding ground for violence. He wraps up this point with disheartening news. A new strike force is rolling out in Baltimore that targets the gangs and crews selling illegal substances—including marijuana. In a day and age where the prohibition on marijuana is being lifted, Neill doesn’t see how this makes sense. Further, the strike force is permanent. Baltimore is fighting violence with violence—a tactic that has historically failed. Legalizing cannabis in Maryland Ending the cannabis prohibition in Maryland is set to be on the 2020 ballot. Neill anticipates that this will quell some of the violence surrounding the illicit drug trade, although it will take time. People will have to get used to this new paradigm of accessing marijuana. To stem the violence in Baltimore, which mostly revolves around the …

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