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Corporate Governance

The Paxhia, Managing Partners, Poseidon Asset Management | November 14, 2019

In this episode of “Navigating the Tides,” Emily Paxhia candidly discusses the so-called “vaping crisis” and how it relates to governance, investing, vaping at large, and the cannabis industry.                                                                                                                                           Hysteria While the country is reeling from gun violence, opioid abuse, and political volatility, Emily questions why the mainstream media is so fixated on vaping. Since they are, however, Emily sets a few things straight. Cannabis prohibition has driven demand for the black-market THC products making people sick. For the anti-cannabis powers that be, vaping is a target because it is easily consumable and many peoples’ foray into cannabis. Emily reiterates that regulated vape products are safe. Governance—or lack thereof Next, Emily muses over the absurdity of the lack of regulation with vaping tobacco and eCigarettes. If regulators would have exercised foresight and regulated vaping products before they blew up—literally and figuratively—they wouldn’t have needed to apply the heavy regulatory hand they’re now exercising. This vicious cycle pushes vaping back onto the illicit market, which, unregulated, causes more issues. Setting the stage around industry CEOs As an investor, Emily hears the broken-record claim that CEOs “invest in people.” Emily begs the question, “What does that mean?” She then lays out some parameters she considers when investing into a team. These include their understanding of the challenges in the cannabis industry, their passion, and their humility. Further, Emily has tough conversations with the CEOs upon the entry into an investment. She is looking for a founder with self-awareness and a vision. She stresses …

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