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3 C’s of Global Cannabis

Rick Trojan, Vote Hemp & The Hemp Road Trip | November 5, 2019

Rick Trojan compares and contrasts the global hemp markets in China, Colombia, and Colorado in this episode of “Hemp Action.” To kick things off, Trojan discusses the state of hemp processing in Colorado. He goes in depth on several different methods to extract the nutrients and other beneficial properties from the hemp stalk, leaves, and flower. However, in China they utilize the C02 and ethanol extraction methods exclusively. Trojan toured an extraction plant in China and shares some key takeaways. As THC isn’t legal in China, Trojan was especially interested in the way the THC gets extracted and then destroyed. (Learn more about the “Room of Tears” in the full interview below.) Colombia is a unique area for cannabis, as there are still guerrilla operators who extract the “old-school” way, and extraction plants who use newer methods. Colombia’s cannabis research permit muddies the water on extraction, creating an environment for different methods to coexist. Trojan touches next on policy, starting with China and the government’s control over all things hemp. In Colorado, due in part to the advocacy of Colorado’s governor, the policy on hemp is forward-thinking and robust. In fact, hemp has been classified as a food-grade product in Colorado for the last two years. Lastly, Trojan compares the profit model of these three global markets. In short, Colorado’s hemp market is a for-profit, commercialized industry. The profits of hemp in China belongs to the government and its constituents. As for Colombia, cash is king. Listen to the full conversation below …

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