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Julie Berliner, CEO, Sweet Grass Kitchen | December 2, 2019

Julie Berliner discusses current events across the cannabis landscape, including vaping, regulatory updates, and how Colorado positions itself as a cannabis leader.   As the vaping issue continues, different states have implemented a variety of solutions. Massachusetts bans vaping completely. Oregon only allows for full-spectrum simple cannabis vaping products. Colorado, on the other hand, takes a fact-based, non-reactionary approach, which Julie Berliner discusses in this episode on current events. Prohibition problems Julie is a board member of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Vaping has been a hot topic for them recently, but the data is clear. Colorado has fewer vape-related incidents of illness than the states that have heavily regulated or banned vaping, due to its common sense approach to regulation. She discusses prohibition’s negative impact on societal health. For companies who have vape offerings, Julie suggests working closely with regulators, industry experts, and other companies to find a safe, holistic solution. A Step in the Right Direction Next, Julie talks about what it means for the cannabis industry that the Safe Banking Act recently passed the house. Julie reflects on Sweetgrass’s beginnings and how such a conversation wasn’t even possible back then. However, until cannabis loses its Class I drug status, Tax Code 280e remains a hindrance for the cannabis industry. Colorado to accept public and out-of-state funds Finally, Julie discusses the direction of the cannabis industry in Colorado specifically. Colorado now allows investing from outside the state and public investing. Julie believes the cannabis industry in Colorado …

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