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| October 8, 2019

During this conversation, Neill Franklin unpacks two complex issues—immigration and drug policy—and touches on these key points:   Neill begins by explaining the United State’s role in the immigration “crisis”. As well, he discusses how our drug policy has contributed to the issues south of the border. By forcing drug prohibition upon the world, the United States created a cataclysm of drug cartels, violence, and trafficking both here and abroad. If we legalized, regulated, and taxed illicit drugs, we’d create room in Central America for a safe, thriving economy in a land rich with resources. Additionally, Neill explains how the drug prohibition had the opposite intended effect of increasing drug use and addiction. As an ex-police officer, Neill offers his unique perspective on drug culture and how decriminalizing would end its allure.   Hear more of Neill’s valuable insights by listening to the entire conversation below.  

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