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| October 15, 2019

Bridget Conry discusses bioavailability, broadly defined as the how and why a drug affects our body. As an herbalist, she touches on the best ways to reset our system and improve its bioavailability for substances such as cannabis. Session 3 Notes: Bioavailability Priming the body to receive information through diet, herbs, and exercise. The human body has evolved within the context of the plant ecosystem. It is one of the most complex pieces of “equipment” on the planet; an antenna built to receive information. Some would say that plants use us to do their bidding. The information they give to us helps us and helps them to ensure their survival. This is Michael Pollan’s thesis in The Botany of Desire. Plant constituents are powerful pieces of information. As we know, the active ingredients in plants can direct our body to activate certain processes or create different effects: anti-inflammatory, astringent, diaphoretic, carminative, antiemetic, diuretic, etc. We train our body to be more or less effective to receive information based on what we consume with all of our senses. Changing our diets and adding plants back in can help polish our receptors and make reception/communication more effective. Use it or lose it. Plants also remind our body what it is to be in a healthy state.   Examples: A preference for sweet, salty and processed foods have made many people, Americans in particular, bitter averse. Bitter is the “doorbell” to the digestive system when it is tasted on the tongue. It activates our bodies …

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