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| October 15, 2019

Bridget Conry discusses bioavailability, broadly defined as the how and why a drug affects our body. As an herbalist, she touches on the best ways to reset our system and improve its bioavailability for substances such as cannabis. Bridget starts the conversation by comparing the body to an information-receiving antenna. In order to derive the most benefit from cannabis and other health and wellness substances, the body must be in balance and receptive. The average American diet consists of too many sugars, and Bridget offers healthy ways to combat those cravings. The digestive system works best when it’s healthy, and bitters are an important part of maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Bridget then moves on to synthetic aromas and the harm they cause. She reiterates how critical our sense of smell is to a healthy lifestyle with examples and tips of her own. Chronic inflammation is another American epidemic, and its effects can be disastrous. As an herbalist, Bridget offers several simple remedies we can take to combat inflammation. Ultimately, wellness is about working with your body and not against it. Learn more about what foods, herbs, and aromas are the best for balance in the video below.

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