| August 16, 2019

I’ve been involved with Denver’s cannabis policy reform since 2005. Since then, my role has expanded across the state and country both as an advocate and business owner. Denver was one of the first cities in the country to regulate medical cannabis. Because of this, I knew that it behooved me to strictly self-regulate in order to overcome the misconceptions and stigmas that came with the territory. While the industry was in its early stages, there were still a lot of folks who perpetuated those stigmas and stereotypes. There were also a lot of great operators that weren’t yet willing to step into the spotlight as a face for the industry. Cannabis: an industry for good At Denver Relief, particularly through our GREEN TEAM, we took on that role. GREEN TEAM is a volunteer service organization that we used to coalesce business in and outside the cannabis industry, encouraging consumers in the cannabis industry to engage in community impact initiatives. It started with cleaning trash after 420 festivals, and ultimately led to college scholarships for underserved youth, furthering drug policy reform, and feeding and advocating for the homeless. Currently, I operate Denver Relief Consulting, having sold Denver Relief in 2015. I have also founded companies across the country, including Cresco Labs, which went public in Canada last fall. They’re now working with a team out of Ohio. Over the years, my focus has shifted to advocacy, both in the business and ethical arenas. I have a vision for what I want the …

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