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| September 13, 2019

Companion Botanicals Session 2: In Session 1, we set the tone for the column: to define Companion Botanicals and the concept of cannabis as the Gateway Herb. Now starts the discussion of how to incorporate plant based medicine into your life. First, a recap on two main points from the last session regarding Gateway Herb concept: Success with cannabis, a plant, for symptom relief and health improvement opens our mind up to the possibility that other plants can be therapeutic as well. Minds can be closed to this fact by either lack of information or misinformation. In the case of cannabis, really strong propaganda against it closes minds. Most modern societies are ignorant of herbal medicine because we have disregarded our herbal traditions in favor of allopathic medicine (pharma and surgery). a. Our efforts in trying to understand how it is that cannabis works has led to the discovery that many of the active ingredients in cannabis are also found in other plants and have lots of research behind them that prove their therapeutic effect. Terpenes are of particular focus right now, including: • linalool = lavender = sedative, anxiolytic • bisabolol = chamomile = same as above • humulene = hops = sedative • pinene = conifers =mental clarity, stimulation, focus • limonene = citrus = same as above • carene = rosemary/basil/allspice = memory retention and alertness All of these also have a wide range of therapeutic uses when consumed orally or topically: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic, vulnerary, etc. b. …

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