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| September 13, 2019

The mindset around cannabis is changing. Bridget Conry discusses medicine’s past, present, and future, focusing on natural medicine’s role in all three. Additionally:    Bridget Conry goes over the history of plant-based medicine and how that has morphed into pharmaceuticals. Particularly, Western medicine has all but abandoned the holistic approach to health. Conry defines allopathic medicine as well as its limitations and cons. Bridget advocates for a hybrid approach to health. That is, combining holistic and allopathic methods in a quest for personalized medical solutions. Conry redefines cannabis as a “gateway herb” – instead, this means it is opening a door and renewing interest into personalized medicine. Most people have widely accepted that cannabis affects individuals differently, and it is up to each of us to safely vet and experiment with what works for us. Pharma expects all medicine to affect all of us in the same way. If this can’t be achieved in clinical trials, the medicine—which may benefit a few—will never reach the market. Cannabimimetics are substances that mimic cannabis. One example, the Spilanthes plant, aptly named the toothache plant- interacts with cannabinoid receptors the same way cannabinoids do. Ultimately, cannabis as a “gateway herb” opens the door to a fresh mindset of how we look at medicine. Learn more here:  

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