Cy’s involvement in the professional cannabis industry spans over five years. In 2010, Cy co-founded Leafly, and helped grow the company into one of the most well-respected brands in cannabis and had a successful exit with Privateer Holdings. Cy’s latest venture is Headset, a SaaS platform providing actionable insights and business intelligence services for the emerging cannabis industry. Furthermore, Cy has experience in building companies, product management and engineering and development.

AI vs. Cannabis

March 17, 2020

In this edition of “Code,” Cy Scott offers his opinion on this article put out by Andressen Horowitz and leverages his expertise in both AI, SaaS, and cannabis to draw some fascinating conclusions.

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December 1, 2019

Cy Scott, founder of Leafly and Headset, kicks off his new CE column “Code” with this episode on data. Cy opens with a little background on his motivations for starting Leafly and Headset. He stresses Leafly’s focus on demystifying cannabis for the mai …

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