Chuck Smith of Dixie Elixirs is the guy who puts Dixie into Dixie Elixirs. As you might remember from Episode 148 with Gen Murray, Seth was in the Dixie Elixirs offices at the time. That’s because Seth was meant to meet Chuck at the office that day- unfortunately his plane was canceled and Chuck had this conversation with Seth in Chuck’s office, and Chuck in Alabama…hence the Dixie reference and moniker. Either way, you get a nice behind the scenes of the top of the Dixie Brands machine.
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Speaker 2: Chuck Smith is the guy who puts Dixie Dixie elixirs welcomed into cannabis economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Check us out on this social networks with the handle can economy that's two ends and the word economy and if you're so inclined to very much appreciate you filling out our new survey and economy, as you might remember from episode one, 40 eight with jen. Hurry. I was in the Dixie elixirs offices at the time. That's because I was meant to meet Chuck at the office that day. Unfortunately his plane was canceled and we had this conversation with me in his office and him and Alabama and the Dixon reference and Monica. Either way, Chuck Smith.

Speaker 1: Okay. So like two ships passing in the night. Chuck Smith from Dixie elixirs. It's good to at least be talking to you. Right.

Speaker 3: Well, it's good to be talking to you as well. Seth. I apologize for not being there in person, but mother nature took over this uh, this weekend. So a little delayed on my flights.

Speaker 1: Indeed. And what's interesting is I'm in your office, you know,

Speaker 3: I know would really be interesting if we were skyping that I could watch you sitting at my desk talking to me while I'm sitting here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Speaker 1: Alright. So now that, that's the first question, why are you in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? How much can you share with us?

Speaker 3: Oh, I get share everything. Roll tide for all those fans that are listening. I, uh, my daughter goes to University of Alabama, she's a sophomore here. My wife and I love coming to visit her and coming to the games. So we have a little condominium just off a university boulevard and we come out to a dinner to spend some time here. So this was a spring parents weekend and we came out to see her.

Speaker 1: Fantastic. Okay. And does that, when you say roll tide, does that mean that you also are an alum? I am

Speaker 3: not actually. So I'm a, I call myself an investor. Some people would call me a homer. Uh, I actually went to vanderbilt, so I do have some sec blood in me. But uh, I lived, uh, uh, before my wife and now and then with my wife, lived in Alabama for about 12 years down at a place called fairhope, Alabama near the beach. And then when Brenda and I got together,

Speaker 1: her daughter was going to pick a school and we convinced her to come to University of Alabama. So I have become a big fan. All right, so now, now we're kind of starting to peel back the layers here and we're starting to realize where the Dixie and Dixie elixirs come from. Well, it certainly has its origin in the south, that's for sure. I had a real estate development company down here on the Gulf coast. There's still do actually.

Speaker 3: And about, uh,

Speaker 1: 12 years ago, maybe a little bit shorter than that, about 10 years ago, trip Kieber, uh, my business partner joined me as a partner in the real estate company. And then from there we uh, founded dixie about seven years ago. Okay. So there, there you have it, you know, we obviously we've spoken a trip and Joe and we've done the tour here and I say you and I are like two ships passing in the night because I know Dixie elixirs and these guys for years yet you and I still have not crossed paths.

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