Ep.168: Sparc & LivWell Tours

November 14, 2016
It’s been a while since we did a tour- so we’re giving you a double helping.
This is a companion episode to Sparc CEO Robert Jacob in Episode 76 and LivWell CEO John Lord in Episode 151. As you well may know, Sparc is a storied dispensary in San Francisco and LivWell has a gargantuan operation in Colorado. These are two great retailers each with distinct approaches to safe patient access in two of the top Cannabis Economies. So buckle in and enjoy the thousand mile journey in under an hour.


Speaker 1: the spark and Livwell tours. It's been awhile since we did a tour, so we're giving you a double helping. This is a companion episode to sparks CEO Robert Jacob in episode 76 and live while Ceo John Lord in episode 1:51. Welcome to cannabis economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Check us out on social with the handle can economy. That's two n's in the world economy and if you're into more direct communication or would like to support the show, feel free to send me an email. I'd engage@Canneseconomy.com. As you well may know, spark is a story dispensary in San Francisco and live well has a Gargantuan operation in Colorado. These are two great retailers, each with distinct approaches to save patient access in two of the top cannabis economies. So buckle in and enjoyed the thousand mile journey in just under an hour.

Speaker 2: Alright, so we are here with, with Freston, now I'm saying Freston because that's what's on your name tag, right? Yeah, that's what I prefer. Thank you. Yeah. My name's Joel Freston. Yeah, but we're calling you. Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Thank you. So we're right outside of spark, uh, one of the better known dispensary's and all of cannabis. So, um, we're going to go ahead and take a tour of what is a, if someone's not familiar with spark, of course folks should be, but if someone's not familiar with spark, why are we on the map here? What, what's the, what's the mission? Well, I think the mission is been the mission of the entire time and what we're trying to do is just bringing a cannabis in a place of normalization. We have this retail space is beautiful. We an interior design awards and what we're trying to do normalize the experience for customers right now, their patients in California, but of course that's going to change. And so, you know, when you typically go into a lot of dispensaries in California or maybe in other states as well, it's sort of like a year at a cage and you get buzzed through, you go to the next cage and so forth. That's what we're trying to avoid here at spark as being an open, welcoming, warming environment here. Yeah.

Speaker 3: Uh, I've been standing outside here with my friend from security and uh, the stream of customers has been consistent to underplay it.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Uh, well it's that time of day now we're getting toward the evening. People are getting off of work where we're right by the civic center, Bart Station and twitter's just around the corner. So I think a lot of people are getting off work. They're walking toward the Bart station. They stopped by and that's pretty typical weekday location, location, location, right? That's right.

Speaker 3: All right. So, um, you checked me in earlier and uh, you know, I'm sure that you get a chance to talk to customers and you get a chance to talk to people that aren't customers and see spark, understand it's a dispensary and start asking you questions. First things first, uh, for folks that are customers that do have recommendations, uh, what's a typical conversation?

Speaker 4: A typical conversation if they walk up and ask me what our need to, um, the comments out our club and I'll break it down to them. I told them they need a recommendation id once we check that out for them, we give them the speech, a house rules, house rules are, and I'll talk on the phone inside. No taking pictures to the site and not showing any feeling inside. When you go inside, you go right to the intake desk, speak to the intake people and they will start your paperwork so you can start your process.

Speaker 3: There we go. So everybody's informed here as far as folks that are non customers that just walk by and say, what's this? Or Oh, this is a dispensary. What, what does a conversation like that go like?

Speaker 4: Just tell them Mr. Dispensary, uh, you need a, you need a recommendation to come inside to see all the good stuff that we have inside, but they more welcome about it and I give him more information about recommendation or a doctor nearby and then we give them flyers and welcome them to come back.

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