No taxation without representation is a refrain familiar to anyone who’s been in a history class in the united states of america. Henry Wykowski joins us to discuss his representation of various cannabis businesses on taxation, in this case- 280e.
He takes us through his evolving interpretation of it’s language and discusses the meaning of a few significant cases, how they affect each other as well as the current reality of finance in running a cannabis business. But first, Jeannette Ward joins us to give us an update on the Minority Cannabis Business Association and what to expect from the group in August. Henry Wykowski preceded by Jeannette Ward


Speaker 4: There's a lot of busy. Mom.

Speaker 1: It's a busy month. We've got a survey coming out. We've got an event happening. The event happens first. We're going to Michigan.

Speaker 4: We are going to. Detroit's a. we're having an event at cannabis diversity summit, so him CBA and Charlotte Green as our emc and board member, we are partnering up and we're bringing the Charlotte Green diversity summits together with the minority cannabis business association networking rallies and so they are now the MCPA cannabis diversity summit. Bigger, better and more value to our members and August the 13th is our first summit in Detroit,

Speaker 1: August 13th. I think that's a Saturday.

Speaker 4: That is a Saturday. Nine am to 9:00 PM.

Speaker 1: Really no excuse for not going. If I'm in Michigan and I'm listening to this, what am I to expect from an CBA event or diversity event?

Speaker 4: You are going to hear information that's relevant to you. If you are a cannabis business owner or you aspire to be one information about the laws that are coming in Michigan, so there's some laws that will be active soon. You need to understand this law. She had to make sure that as you prepare your business or attempt to keep your business legal, that you know what those laws are and you're complying and we're going to talk about activism efforts in line with those laws so we make sure that they're the most inclusive and create the most opportunity for our members. We're also going to share information about medicating with cannabis. So our, uh, Dr Rachel Knox, one of our board members will be talking about cannabis and the endocannabinoid system and how we can use this medicine to the best use for people of color and there will be job information specifically. So if you're looking to get your wet in the industry and get a job in the industry, will have some information around that. Um, and then there's networking, there's time for just talking with other cannabis entrepreneurs and networking and finding those relationships and connections and having a little fun while we do it at the end of the event.

Speaker 1: That's fantastic. Rachel box. Dr Rachel Knox, Doc Knox as I call her a is a font of information. She's been on another speaker, a major Neil Franklin has also been on and I understand he's making the trip.

Speaker 4: That's right. Executive director, Neil Franklin will be one of our guests speaking about issues pertinent to to this industry and frankly issue that are really pertinent right now in the conversation at large. If you haven't heard of Neil Franklin, it maybe just because you didn't realize you were watching him. He's been on CNN quite a bit lately, talking about what's going on in in theU , s with the killings of African American men and women by by law enforcement, and so leap is a great organization, has got great views on how we can evolve law enforcement. So leap is law enforcement against prohibition. That's what that stands for. So they are a fantastic group that's really thinking about how do we change our, our drug policy and our drug laws so that we're spending more time focused on the things we need to be focused on is law enforcement and as communities and less time worried about drug and fractions, especially on cannabis. So he's just a great voice to hear from and we are excited that he's going to be speaking and we'd love to see, see the Detroit community represented and engaging in this conversation with Neil.

Speaker 1: Yeah, no, absolutely. And if you're within driving distance of Detroit and you've never been in the presence of Neil, it is worth the trip to just hear him talk about what he talks about. So, uh, that's a great get. Um, you know, this is the third one. Uh, we, you know, we did one in Portland, did one in Oakland. What's your feedback from the groups that have been, um, at these things before? What are, what are you hearing from them? What do they appreciate folks that have been.

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