Steph Sherer joins us to discuss the history of Americans For Safe Access. Going way back, Steph wasn’t a recreational proponent of cannabis, but came to the plant as medicine in SoCal. Following success with cannabis as medicine, Steph moved to NorCal and became an activist in the space ultimately launching Americans for Safe Access culminating in ASA serving the federal government.  Steph takes us through how you can affect change on ballot initiatives if they passed but you don’t love the specific language in the initiatives. Roughly 66% of the work still needs to be done. But Jaime Lewis first joins us to give an update on what she’s got going on in both Colorado and officially Massachusetts.


Speaker 1: Steph sherer and Jamie Lewis. Steph Sherer joins us to discuss the history of Americans for safe access going way back. Steph wasn't a recreational proponent of cannabis that came to the plant as medicine and southern California. Following success with the plants. Step moved to northern California and became an activist in the space. Ultimately launching Americans for safe access, culminating an asa serving federal government step takes us through how you can affect change on valid initiatives if they pass, but you don't love the specific language in the ballot initiatives. Roughly 66 percent of the work still needs to be done, but Jamie Lewis first joined just to give us an update on what she's doing. Going to both Colorado and officially Massachusetts. Welcome to cannabis economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Check us out on social with the head mechanic. Economy to economy. Steph sheer proceeded by Jamie Lewis

Speaker 2: better. I grew up in San Francisco at a sense with a lot of the suicide girls that were also fulltime strippers, strippers, like in my early twenties. I have great respect for this broad wow. Talk about the Swiss re perspective. I mean, and frankly if that was a buck, oh, five, I'd be in Vegas. I mean that's just coined upon clean like men at their own game. I mean, it's a beautiful thing day. I reached out as I would say I respect the game respect again, but you know, I don't normally feel that way. I just, yeah, it's just one of the things that's pretty common amongst a lot of really powerful females in the industry with a great respect for strippers. I'm not sure what that's about. We can dive into that later.

Speaker 3: No. Yeah, I do think that it's about hustle. I think that that is what it's about. You know what I'm saying?

Speaker 2: It's a great respect for another fellow female entrepreneur who's getting their shit done.

Speaker 3: Exactly. A Jamie Lewis. It is so, uh, such a pleasure to have you back

Speaker 2: separate. It's always good to engage with you. How was your instance fall? Beginning of the summer. Beginning of fall.

Speaker 3: Oh, uh, how was end of summer, beginning of fall. I'm just so busy. I was, I've been talking to some great people on this here show. So that's, you know, that's kept me busy. Whereby you, what's, what's the latest, what's the latest in, in your, your to state a attack is what we have, right? Colorado and Massachusetts.

Speaker 2: Well, the most exciting news in my world is I just reached my 100,000 mile mark, so I'm one k again with united. So that's so Islam.

Speaker 3: Oh, that's a huge. That's a big deal. That's a big deal. Fellow travelers. No,

Speaker 2: it's a big deal. I'm still questioning how to get the global service, but maybe by the next time we interview I'll have that. I'll have that all wrapped up in my professional world. I, um, well the most exciting news for us here was mayflower medicinals was finally approved through both the city council unanimously to allow us the use of medical marijuana and then we pass our final hurdle at the end of July would be Boston zoning authorities to be granted our conditional use permit. So we are now in the construction phase of all of it. We will open in Boston, believe it or not, I will be opening a dispensary in Boston.

Speaker 3: Congratulations. That's a long time coming. Uh, you know, well done on that.

Speaker 2: Thank you. You, um, you learn a lot, you know, being given the opportunity to um, he told him no the first time and then come back with a vengeance to get it done right. The second time was not something everybody gets to do. So, um, I certainly took advantage of the opportunity and I succeeded and I had an amazing team behind hope it all happened.

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