Jmichaele Keller returns to discuss domestic and global cannabis testing. He notes that each Country and US State alike is crafting unique and custom regulations from a scientific basis. Some localities have a level of expertise, some don’t and eventually as Jmichaele sees it, cannabis is going to be legal across the board and when that happens, the real rules will be presented. He feels that it’s important to write the global regulations now. If we don’t, all of these specific rulesets regarding pesticides, yeast and mold, medical vs. adult use, etc. will find operators on a number of completely different pages and then the industry will find itself in a state of upheaval.


Speaker 3: JMichaele Keller returns. JMichaele Keller returns to discuss domestic and global cannabis testing notes in each country and us data like is crafting unique and custom regulations from a scientific basis. Some localities have a level of expertise, some don't, and eventually as Jamie Michelle sees it, cannabis is going to be illegal across the board and when that happens, the real rules will be presented. It feels that it's important to write those global regulations. Now, if we don't all have these specific rule sets regarding pesticides, yeast, and mold, medical versus don't use, etc. To find operators on a number of completely different pages and then the industry will find itself in a state of upheaval. Welcome To cannabis economy. I'm your host seth adler. Check us out on social with the hand can economy. That's two ends of the word economy. Gem shall keller, welcome back. Thank you.

Speaker 1: We had a good conversation about life, about consciousness. We touched on steep hill. Not enough. I mean really right now. No, we should talk about that more. We should probably talk about the pill since that's what we were supposed to talk about and it turned into this other path, but that's okay. That's your, that's your day job is how I'll put it. Is that how you see it? my day job, I think it's my, like 24 hour jobs bill right now. Is there a uh, is leadership a 24 hour experience? Is that what you would say? Whereas cannabis at 24 hour experience or resolve but leadership is definitely a 24 hour experience because I like dreams. See pill at this point in time. So it's happening while I'm sleeping also. That's good. That's good. I guess so because I get more work time then the amount of when you clock in and clock out is, it's never ending because you never clock app.

Speaker 1: So basically I've never clock out. Alright. So what, you know, central tenants of course are a testing, but let's just go ahead and start at the beginning when you know, you kind of went to arcview. Let's pick up where we left off and you know, steve deangelo's kind of a thought to, to kind of bring this to the fore when you joined the team, what was the organization? And let's start from there. Well, like, like, all right, so, um, long long ago, um, I sold my software company, right? Which we talked about. We talked about. Excellent. Okay. And then, uh, like I got bored, I'm in real estate. I'm like, it's too easy. Yep. Right. So I just happened to google cannabis investing, right. And I'm like, oh my god, there's this new thing, right? We're, we're entrepreneurs and investors are coming together just like a real thing, like a real thing, a real thing.

Speaker 1: And like, so I instantly, actually I was, I bought my ticket to fly to alexandra, Virginia before arcview even approved me to join the organization. And I'm like, all right, this is it. We're in, I will be going, I'm going. Um, I called my kids, I call them my kids, but they're really old, right? And they're a part of the, the whole business they have now all joined steep pill and we go right, here we go, right? And we're in the old business now they're in the new business and they're all kind of geeky software, you know, whatever. They all grew up in the software business. That was perfect. So how did you explain this to them? I said, this is it because we were, we had been looking like, all right, as a family, what company do we want to start? Right. And, uh, like this kennis thing's pretty cool, you know, I was like, we're in.

Speaker 1: Okay. Yeah. So I started a family office. And with the intent of investing across the space in cannabis, much easier. A much easier than my current job. Yes. A lot more work. What happened? What did, how did you get wrangled in here? Wow. Not sure if I'm going to share all of that public. That's fair. Okay. How do we have the pleasure of having you served? Well, when I looked at like, so it was that first conference that I went to in dc two years ago, um, and I looked at steep hill and said, wow, this really should be a software, big data automation company that just happens to do lab testing. Right, right. You being a softWare guy as looking at everything from, you know, from a software viewpoint. Right, exactly. Um, and um, and that, you know, if I built that system right, I can scale this globally and I was in, you know, made my first investment on the spot.

Speaker 1: Okay. So then again though, you're the chief executive, I didn't start that way. I started as an investor who said to who, hey, jay, michelle, it'd be great if. Was that you, was that them? Um, um, wow that up. Let's just say that there was a point in time I had put a lot of money up. Then this was through, this was like december of 2015. Got it. And I'd put a lot of money in because I probably can't say that stuff. And a radIo show you don't have to write, not write, can't trust that it's a lot. Yeah. And then I was considering putting in a lot more. Got a lot. Okay. Yes. And at this point of lots of, lots of, in steep hill, I'm like, all right, this starting to get serious, um, if I'm going to put that much money in, I'm running it. Um, and so like my proposal to the board was right, I'll, I'll write you thiS really, really big check, but you know, I need to run this thing. OkAy. And when you said that, you know, and you kind of, your first day on the job, what did we have as steep hill? What was the, you know, the reality. And then now obviously you guys are expanding and expanding and expanding, but will take us through. Take us through some of the maChinations.

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