Ep.340: Roger Volodarsky

June 20, 2018

Roger Volodarsky joins us and discusses the nuances of the New York vs. California markets. Going back, Roger was an avid fan of the plant but his parents didn’t differentiate between cannabis and any other substance, with the exception of alcohol. For them emigrating from the old Soviet block alcohol was just fine, where as cannabis was certainly not. Roger’s use made them feel as though they failed as parents. Growing up in New York didn’t help as the state had no legal medical cannabis framework in the 90’s so the plant was essentially just as stigmatized as it was in “Refer Madness.” And it hasn’t necessarily gotten too much better as evidenced by our current medical program which is why Roger has moved on to Los Angeles where the cannabis culture is a bit richer.


Speaker 2: Roger Volodarsky. Roger Volodarski joins us in, discusses the nuances of the New York versus California markets going back. Roger was an avid fan of the plant, but his parents didn't differentiate between cannabis in any other substance with the exception of alcohol for that member granting from the old Soviet bloc. Alcohol was just fine, whereas cannabis was certainly not roger's use made them feel as though they failed. As parents growing up in New York didn't help as the state had no legal medical cannabis framework in the nineties, so the plant was essentially just a stigmatized as it was in reefer madness and it hasn't necessarily gotten to much better as evidenced by our current medical program, which is why Roger is moved on to Los Angeles where the cannabis culture is a bit. Richard, welcome to cannabis economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Check us out on social about the head mechanic economy. That's two ends and the word economy. Roger Vola. Darcy. Okay, so that means that you. You're

Speaker 1: not necessarily of Polish descent. Yes, correct. All right. You. You might be of Russian descent or Ukrainian or. Correct. All. Well, how close am I? Uh, my, both of my parents emigrated from a Odessa in Ukraine. Look. Oh my goodness. So Russian speak very poor Russian speaker, but speak a little bit of Russian that they passed along to me. Okay, good. Yes, not very many people know about the I and the why they, I in the white. Well, my girlfriend is Polish as frequent listeners are a begrudgingly aware of, but uh, so that's, that's the one thing, but the Ukrainian thing, I don't remember where I picked that up, but it's, I guess it's because it's a distinction because otherwise it's going to be a Polish last name. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think that rule has failed me once yet. Roi and I usually know where you're

Speaker 4: from. Thirty years ago. I think it was, I think 30 years ago is all Russian. I'm pretty sure it meant to you at the time we changed. Is that why they came here? Yeah. Well there were Russian Jews as far as I know. Um, Russia wasn't very friendly to the Jewish people they had and didn't really consider them Russian citizens so much. Like everyone else in Brighton beach here in Brooklyn decided there was a better place and they came here and built one. When was it roughly? My parents came in. They were pretty young. They're both in their teenage years, so that would put it around 78, 79. Their choice necessarily. They came with their grandparents or the mission through Israel. I think we over here through Israel. That was the route, right? I think it was like in Israel and some went through Italy and are used to know more about it, but I've, I forgot and that's fine. That's fine. There'll be in your Brighton beach memoirs, I would imagine. Yes. Brighton beach memoirs coming soon. Exactly.

Speaker 1: So, uh, Roger, you know, who doesn't make a vape pen is where I think we have to begin, you know, there's so many out there. So I felt it necessary to sit down and talk with you and understand kind of the marketplace from your perspective and, and just maybe some of the nuances about what you're doing and what we should be looking for as consumers of vape pens, et cetera.

Speaker 4: Sure. So I have an answer to your question that this is the first time I get to say this and I'm kind of proud. Puffco doesn't make a vape pen vaporizer, so that is actually alluding to our new device and our, our vape pens are pretty discussed this thing because we don't use in our Puffco plus our flagship model. We don't use any coils. Wait, so you said vape pen? Oh, well I haven't gotten to this. You do make a vape pen so far? You make something in the shape of a vape pen. I say that others feel bad calling a vape pen because it operates so much like a conventional dab rig. Our next product is actually not in the shape of a pen, but it is a vaporizer. Is this it right here? No one can say fantastic, but no one considers. It's in a case that I would say is a like a larger than the biggest oldest cell phone that you've ever seen, but not much larger than that.

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