Ep.341: Muggs

June 24, 2018

Of Cypress Hill, Muggs joins us and shares how his East Coast upbringing led to initial West Coast success. He remembers that his relationship with cannabis led to inspiration and action, which was different than what he heard about the plant. He does feel that the group had something to do with the way the majority of society who accepts cannabis views cannabis. And how that informs his business endeavors in the space.


DJ Muggs: Beautiful Kauai, putting it down, having a good time out here, smoking the good Maui Wowie, spreading the good word of cannabis to the business folks. I'm happy to be here at the International Cannabis Business Convention.

Speaker 1: Yeah, ICBC.

DJ Muggs: ICBC.

Speaker 1: That's it. I told you in the room there, you just gave a little bit of a talk, that you provided the soundtrack for college for me, pretty much.

DJ Muggs: Oh, thank you, brother. Good times.

Speaker 1: Black Friday came out right on time for me to go to school.

DJ Muggs: Right.

Speaker 1: We were just talking about I'm 42-, not to make you feel old, but how the industry which is becoming an industry now has the folks in the right places at the right age to understand who you are.

DJ Muggs: Oh, yes, because they grew up with music that was pretty much in the mainstream that was pro-cannabis from day one. Before that it was pretty much something you did behind closed doors. You might listen to Jimi Hendrix or Bob Marley, and you kept things behind closed doors unless you were in an open-air festival. We kind of kicked the door down for that even in mainstream music. Once we came out, and we was waving the flag for marijuana, it pretty much made it okay for everybody at that point in rap and modern pop music to be like hey, I smoke weed too, and talk about it in their lyrics.

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