Ep.342: Constance Finley

June 27, 2018

Constance Finley joins us following a successful career in finance. She’s been in cannabis for the past 10 years and has evolved with the industry, now well-licensed as we make our way through this next reality. Constance is now focused on providing a pharmaceutical grade product with verified results from physicians.


Constance: I'm Constance Finley.

Seth: Do you have an official job title?

Constance: I'm CEO and founder of Constance Therapeutics.

Seth: Okay. And these big, giant windows here at WeWork, with the beautiful sun coming in ... Right?

Constance: Right, at WeWork.

Seth: At WeWork. But that's new though, right? Because you've got the lab kind of not obviously at WeWork.

Constance: Two blocks away, we have a large formal lab with offices there, but we needed some space away from the actual production of cannabis, and so we have executive offices two blocks away at WeWork.

Seth: To do your business think.

Constance: Yes, and to do things like this where you don't want to have the ethanol smell and issue, etc. etc.

Seth: Alright, so just before we get to today, let's quickly just understand what the reality was before January 1st. What is the state, before January 1st, of Constance Therapeutics, so that we understand? Because I think most people know your name, and understand that there is Constance Therapeutics, but just turn everyone wise.

Constance: Okay, so where we are is approaching 10 years in business, legally, here in California. I formed Goat Hill Farm, which is our manufacturing entity, in 2008, and it was California collective. Then we were inundated with doctors sending use patients because they were getting well, according to the doctors, stage four patients, cancer.

Seth: Stage four cancer, right.

Constance: Yeah, so we had a global business then and that 70% of the patients that came to use came from out of California, and that was legal to do so. They came here and participated. And so the business has transitioned a lot, but we've been always a vertically integrated. We control our genetics to the extent possible in this environment, and we work closely with our farmers who have our dedicated clones and our methods. Then we use our patented manufacturing processes, which I developed back in 2008 to 2010. So then we worked directly through a coaching methodology with our patients, so that we've never had a single recreational user. For the first five years, we didn't have anybody that came to us except through doctors, so our business has evolved as the message of the efficacy of cannabinoid medicine has evolved.

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