On his foray into cannabis advocacy- first at the state level, US Congressman Matt Gaetz joins us and shares, “I knew that we would never convince an overwhelmingly Republican state legislature and a strident Republican governor to engage in cannabis reform if they didn’t feel it in their hearts. I didn’t think I could convey that in a two dimensional medium, and so I invited Paige Figi to come and testify before the Criminal Justice Committee I chaired. I remember the conversation I had with a Baptist preacher who served on the committee with me. I was worried that he might go into full meltdown when surprised with Paige’s story, and so I told him what was going to happen in the committee. He just grabbed me by the arm and prayed with me and said he just couldn’t be with me on this.┬áBy the end of the committee meeting, he was pounding on the desk saying, “God put this plant on earth for a reason.”


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