The Director of the Israeli Medical Cannabis Agency, Yuval Landschaft returns to give both me and you a tour of Israel’s cannabis economy. Yuval invited me to host Israel’s medical cannabis event and while in town, he shared the latest on research, the market and how exactly the medicalization of cannabis is happening in Israel…and what that means for the rest of the world.


All right. So, we're in the car with the GPS. I'm just taking the microphones out because we're going from one facility to another, and we were talking about the books, right? The five books.

Yuval L.: No, we call it the cannacopeia, it's taken from pharmacopeia. In old Greece, pharma it's medicine, copeia it's how to make, and that's the relative to the cannacopeia, how to make cannabis, but medical-grade cannabis.

Seth Adler: Right.

Yuval L.: And this is the five books, like we're calling it, the Torah.

Seth Adler: Yes, of course.

Yuval L.: Of the whole system, of the whole chain of cannabis. First, it's the GAP, the Good Agricultural Practice, how to grow from tissue culture to a flower. How to grow cannabis in good agricultural practices. The other one is GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, what you just saw, and the other one is distribution, Good Distribution Practices. Of course, the good security practices we saw it also.

Seth Adler: Right.

Yuval L.: But the Holy Grail, the crown of it, is the GCP, the Good Clinical Practices, called the Green Book.

Seth Adler: The Green Book is being put into effect. You are essentially welcoming-in physicians, to understand how to prescribe cannabis, and also really how cannabis is a medicine. Is that fair to say?

Yuval L.: Yeah, and how to use it, and in which indication to give it. And which kind of cannabis to use in indication. And where to begin it, and how to titrate the cannabis, how to make the titration with the cannabis amounts. And what happens if the amount is okay, but the potency is not enough? What if the potency is okay, but the amount is finished after 20 days? How to combine different cannabis products, when you know the differentiation between oil, but where would you put [sublingualar 00:04:03], or when you inhale a cannabis and cannabinoids. It's a lot of different situation, and all of this we teach the doctors. We teach them in a one month course. It's not month [inaudible 00:04:15], it's four meetings, but we make it on Fridays. We have here back in the car the Green Book translated to English because we are opening in a two-month time, also a course in English, for English speakers from other countries.

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