Julianna Carella returns and shares how Treatibles is handling FDA regulations: “It’s more important to keep the product on the shelf because now we have a situation where animals are relying on it, and last thing we want is for regulators to be confused about it and then pull the product.”


Seth Adler: Julianna Carella returns. Julianna Carella returns, welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com. That's two Ns and the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First, another piece of the conversation I had with Nancy Whiteman of Wana Brands, and then Julianna Carella.
Want to know with Wana Brands? Nancy, more on ratios, 10 to one.

Nancy Whiteman: Yes. We have two 10 to one products. We have it in capsule form, and then this past year we also introduced it in gummy form. It's a strawberry, which is very delicious, and it's just a great product for people who are looking for the medicinal benefits, but they don't want all the psycho activity. It's been quite a popular product.

Seth Adler: So if we're outside and it's Oakland, you must be Julianna Carella.

Julianna C.: Yeah, it works out like that every damn time.

Seth Adler: Yeah.

Julianna C.: What happened there?

Seth Adler: This is our thing. This is what we do.

Julianna C.: There's no choo-choos going by this time.

Seth Adler: Oh, I know. It's a different side of Oakland I guess.

Julianna C.: Yeah.

Seth Adler: Which would be a good second album effort from you, if you were a musician. A different ... Julianna Carella, A Different Side of Oakland.

Julianna C.: If only I was a musician.

Seth Adler: But yeah, no. It was the dancer, it wasn't the musician. Have you seen Inside Llewyn Davis?

Julianna C.: I haven't.

Seth Adler: I'm very addicted to this movie. Now, it might be because it's the only download movie that I have on my phone, so on the plane when we get the extra long thing where the WiFi isn't working and we're not in the air yet-

Julianna C.: I hate that.

Seth Adler: Inside Llewyn Davis is my point.

Julianna C.: Yeah, there you go.

Seth Adler: No further commentary about Inside Llewyn Davis, because there's no reason for me to be talking about it. But we can talk about Mookey. And I think this is the first time-

Julianna C.: Mookey?

Seth Adler: Mookey is coming up on the ... there's that guy.

Julianna C.: Hi.

Seth Adler: Who's an Oakland native. So Mookey is an American Staffordshire Terrier, currently five months old. She is female, and I mean that biologically. We're not sure what she identifies-

Julianna C.: As opposed to?

Seth Adler: Well, if she identifies, we're not sure what she identifies as, and it's the 21st century. Whatever she needs to do is cool. She hasn't really talked about it with us.

Julianna C.: She might be too young to really express those things.

Seth Adler: She doesn't seem to care about anything other than chewing things at this point.

Julianna C.: How does she pee? That's really how you tell these things.

Seth Adler: Oh, with both legs on the ground. Well, yeah no all four legs on the ground.

Julianna C.: But some boy dogs do that too.

Seth Adler: I see. But those are-

Julianna C.: You just can't generalize with dogs, okay?

Seth Adler: Well this is one my first questions. Mookey has proven to be prone to injury-

Julianna C.: Aw.

Seth Adler: Yeah. Everything is fine, but here's a rash, there's a rash. We had the pink eye thing. What else happened? She got hives.

Julianna C.: I thought you were going to say she got high. I was going to say, "Damn, already?"

Seth Adler: Well no, but that's what I'm here to talk about with you.

Julianna C.: Oh, Jesus.

Seth Adler: No, it's CBD, so-

Julianna C.: How'd she get hives?

Seth Adler: She got hives because she got stung by a bug, and her little system was like, "I don't like this," so we gave her, and this is ... you ready to cringe?

Julianna C.: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Seth Adler: Benadryl.

Julianna C.: Oh.

Seth Adler: Yeah. What should we have given her instead of Benadryl?

Julianna C.: Treatibles.

Seth Adler: Yeah, well but that's the-

Julianna C.: Hello?

Seth Adler: So here's, in all seriousness, my girlfriend has a thought for you to put, "Here's the condition. Take this for treatibles."

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