Danny Moses, known as one of the characters from The Big Short but also as the real person in the flesh, joins us to talk about the past couple of years. He needed a break from Wall Street, and was first brought to cannabis by its obvious possibilities for easing the opioid crisis. Moses is excited about the industry and its promising prospects for growth with unique characteristics such as a lack of institutional money, leverage, and debt. Now is the time to see how the market responds in the face of legislation like the Farm Bill, with big companies already lined up to make the most of new opportunities.


Seth Adler: Danny Moses joins us. One of the characters in The Big Short. Also a person. Welcome to Cannabis Economy, I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes on canneconomy.com. That's two n's and the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. First a word from Wana Brands and then Danny Moses.
Want to Know with Wana Brands. Nancy [Caps 00:00:22].

Nancy: Yes. Wana Brands has a really exciting product line with our extended release caps. They come in five formulations, different CBD and THC ratios. But the thing that we really are excited about with them is that they are such a discreet and consistent product for people. They last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours and it's a very consistent experience all the way through. So not a lot of the ups and downs that you get with the other forms of ingestion.

Seth Adler: So, Danny Moses, thanks for having me in here.

Danny Moses: Thanks for coming in.

Seth Adler: We're somewhere in New York City.

Danny Moses: Yep.

Seth Adler: I can already just to set the stage because the people know the name, right, from The Big Short. Some people read the book, more people saw the movie. The character that is Danny Moses in the movie doesn't feel like you, my friend.

Danny Moses: No.

Seth Adler: We've known each other for about 45 seconds. Already I can tell that there's a difference there.

Danny Moses: Yes, in the book I'm much more aggressive. In the book I'm the one that says, "How you gonna fuck me on the trade?" And in the movie, I become like a restaurant connoisseur who kind of gets chased by alligators and is docile, and I'm like, well, it is what it is, but you know, it was fun.

Seth Adler: What are you going to do?

Danny Moses: Exactly.

Seth Adler: And I'm sorry to hear about the testicle by the way, if that's true.

Danny Moses: Well, it's a long story about a vasectomy that went wrong, but we can talk about that at another ... Is this a health show, or is this ... ?

Seth Adler: Of course it is. It's bonus, you know that.

Danny Moses: Exactly.

Seth Adler: You know that.

Danny Moses: Always good at operating there, so we're good.

Seth Adler: Why would you do this. You're known for one of the biggest trades in the history of mankind, you don't have to be doing this.

Danny Moses: You're talking about cannabis?

Seth Adler: I am.

Danny Moses: Well, I was burnt out from Wall Street all those years and I realized it was a non-fundamental tape as it related mostly to financial services stock, which was the last iteration and hedge fund that I had with my former partners, Porter Collins and Vincent Daniel who were also featured in The Big Short.

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