Congressman Carlos Curbelo returns to talk about a range of topics concerning cannabis legalization, reform, and legislation. He has been labelled the “fourth most bipartisan congressman” due to his affinity for compromise, negotiating, dialogue, and working with those across the table to move things forward. In the increasingly divided political climate of today, he talks about the importance of maintaining these qualities to promote long-term goals regarding not just cannabis, but also some other contentious topics.


Speaker 1: US Congressman Carlos Curbelo returns. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on, that's two Ns and the word 'economy'. Got a lot going on there these days. Congressman Curbelo takes us through his thinking. He is going on to a different path now. We kind of talk a little bit about that. So along with, of course, cannabis legalization, legislation, reform. First a word from Evolab and then Congressman Carlos Curbelo.

Speaker 2: We had already cracked the CBN nut, that's just a degradation of THC. So we already had that in the portfolio.

Speaker 1: Fair enough.

Speaker 2: But CBG I did go out hunting for. I've always thought that it would have been one of the easier ones to find. Some of the others like THCB are still elusive, but CBG, again, available. And the nice part, other than it being an anti inflammatory, is it has some antimicrobial, antibacterial properties, which makes it great as a topical or hopefully to put it into a lozenge for sore throats.

Speaker 1: Congressman Carlos Curbelo, thank you so much for sitting down. I am explicitly excited to have this conversation because who sits in front of me, from my eyes and ears and heart, is a reasonable person.

Speaker 2: Well, thank you. That's a rarity these days here and a major compliment. 30 years ago, that would have just been normal.

Speaker 1: Just a normal thing to say about someone, that he's reasonable.

Speaker 2: Thank you.

Speaker 1: So yeah, no, but I mean, there are things that say, you know, fourth most bipartisan congressman, are you aware of such attributes?

Speaker 2: I am, I am. And quite frankly, I think it's the only way this place is going to work again. And sadly, I don't see that happening in the near future, the American people are going to have to demand that in a more explicit, in a stronger way. But this institution is broken. I am going to miss it for sure, but there are some elements of it that I won't miss. Because I am, I like to consider myself a reasonable person who likes to compromise, negotiate, dialogue, see what I can give the person across the table what they need and move forward.

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