Congresswoman Dina Titus returns with updates about the effects of the blue wave in congress and the resulting green wave in cannabis. Now, the issue is keeping up with and properly managing bills to try to iron out differences between the house and senate as well as federal and state law. Getting Republicans on board is an important step, meaning the cannabis argument needs to span a wide spectrum. Thus, the issues of money, business, criminal justice, states rights, infrastructure, veterans, and taxes are all getting their time in the limelight.


Seth Adler: US Congresswoman Dina Titus returns. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes on That's two Ns and the word economy. First, a word from Evolab and then, US Congresswoman Dina Titus.

Speaker 2: Yeah. Well, I can tell you that we've set up infrastructure in Nevada, and we are looking to set up infrastructure in Canada, which will allow us to serve pretty much the globe, both from unregulated products and regulated products, to be able to distribute those ingredients in Secret Sauce.

Seth Adler: Yeah. Once you get to Canada, you can get to the rest of the world.

Speaker 2: Well, I can get to 15 other countries from Canada at the moment.

Seth Adler: Excuse me. Excuse me.

Speaker 2: But I mean, yeah, it's almost the globe.

Seth Adler: Congresswoman Dina Titus, thank you so much for having me back. It's good to see you.

Dina Titus: You, too. It's been a little while.

Seth Adler: Well, it's only been six months, but what they say is cannabis years are dog years.

Dina Titus: Now you took that quote away from me, because I remember you said it before, and I was going to refer to that.

Seth Adler: We can always edit this out and then you can come in. But it's, really it's been an eventful six months. Because podcast land knows no time, but we're making our way into a new Congress, which is a different Congress.

Dina Titus: Well, that's right. We had a blue wave for Democrats in the election, but it was really a green wave for marijuana. You lost a couple of people like Rohrabacher, but I think you gained a lot more. And if you add to that the initiatives that passed that expanded medical marijuana and recreational use, it was kind of a banner election year.

Seth Adler: Absolutely. I mean, you know, 2016 was pretty good. This one was pretty good, as well.

Dina Titus: Yes.

Seth Adler: Now it's up to us here on Capitol Hill to maybe make some change. The Farm Bill is on the table. I like to call that the Hemp Bill.

Dina Titus: Well, that's right. We have now legalized the growth of hemp. I'm trying to encourage farmers in Nevada to grow that instead of alfalfa.

Seth Adler: Okay. Fair enough. We don't like alfalfa sprouts any more?

Dina Titus: Well we like alfalfa, but it uses a lot of water, and most of it is exported.

Seth Adler: And Thomas Jefferson can tell you, you don't really need to do a lot to hemp to get it to grow.

Dina Titus: So, that would be perfect for the Nevada landscape.

Seth Adler: That's it, to foster better results. Who knows? Now in that Hemp Bill, that does take hemp .3% and below THC, takes that off the Controlled Substances Act. So fantastic, round of applause, check the box, we did it.

Dina Titus: Yes.

Seth Adler: Having said that, the medicine for, you know, little kids with epilepsy comes from different plants. So there is that CBD Bill, that very small bill that also does need to pass for that medicine to be federally legal. When I start there, where can we end as far as what can happen in this next Congress?

Dina Titus: Well, before we get to the next Congress, we got to finish up this Congress.

Seth Adler: Well sure. Yes.

Dina Titus: And like you said, the Hemp Bill and the Farm Bill will be voted on later this afternoon by the House. But we've also got to be sure that they don't put some things in the appropriations bills that are left, or take some things out.

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