Boris Blatnik joins us and shares just how a participants must be in the Cannabis industry: “With business in general, you have be adaptive, but in this space that’s moving so lightning fast, you’ve really got to be able to pivot and change.”


Seth: [Boris Blatnic 00:00:00] joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host, Seth Adler. Download episodes are on, that's two N's in the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts. has a ton of direct insight from scientist, policy, and business executives in the space. First a word from [Wanner 00:00:18] Brands and then Boris Blatnic.
Wanna know with Wanner Brands, Nancy, state expansion into Florida.

Speaker 2: Yes, this is our latest partnership.

Seth: Really different type of state.

Speaker 2: Extremely different. So as you know there's very limited licenses available in Florida as it's completely vertically integrated, with no wholesaling. The good news however, is that each license holder has the opportunity to open twenty-five dispensaries. And so we'll at least have a strong presence in twenty five very strong retail locations.

Seth: I guess, so Cannatech kind of just ended.

Boris: Yes.

Seth: We're still here, you and me in Tel Aviv. That's a bird, we got the Mediterranean Sea right there.

Boris: Beautiful.

Seth: It's fantastic.

Boris: It is.

Seth: How long is the flight from Switzerland?

Boris: It's about three and a half hours, easy. It's a short little haul.

Seth: Yeah, you have it better than I do.

Boris: Well.

Seth: It's longer to New York.

Boris: It is.

Seth: Yeah.

Boris: But New York is a melting pot.

Seth: Sure, yes it is. We'd like to think of it that way, exactly.

Boris: It's literally melting.

Seth: It is melting now. I mean as we get into summer.

Boris: Yeah.

Seth: Look out. All right, so Boris Blatnic.

Boris: Yes.

Seth: From Cannaswiss.

Boris: Yes.

Seth: We got a lot to talk about. Number one is, how much business you're doing?

Boris: How much business I'm doing?

Seth: Yeah.

Boris: Well right now we're focused on our wholesale sort of bulk...

Seth: So where's the cannabis coming from?

Boris: We are buying from farmers in Switzerland.

Seth: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Boris: We are extracting that material. We have enough now until the end of the year. This year we'll be growing about three hundred hectors in Switzerland. We're looking to grow also in Greece. We're waiting for the licencees for that.

Seth: Yeah.

Boris: So that we can grow up to one percent. Because we can import legally that material back into Switzerland[crosstalk 00:02:09].

Seth: Into Switzerland, okay.

Boris: We're in talks now, so in Turkey, and in South Africa.

Seth: Okay.

Boris: Because at the end of the day we need to keep those costs down, right?

Seth: Okay. You don't own the farms?

Boris: We do not.

Seth: Okay.

Boris: It's too much[crosstalk 00:02:23].

Seth: And you don't plan to own the farms either?

Boris: No, I mean[crosstalk 00:02:25] this is thousands of hectors.

Seth: Why? But, why? In other words, we've got operators in North America who are buying as much land as possible. Why are you not using that approach?

Boris: I think for now, it's an economic approach, right? We don't have the funds, we're a privately funded company. We're growing organically. We are looking maybe to get a little injection, a little seed round now.

Seth: Yeah.

Boris: But our valuation keeps multiplying exponentially month on month. So we're I guess just waiting for the right time. And owning the land, yeah I guess it could be an interesting asset, but I see growing as a, it's a dying breed right now.

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