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Chris Call, of the Northbay Credit Union, begins by discussing public safety by way of safe banking; after all, Northbay Credit Union is one of the only financial institutions in the Bay Area that accepts cannabis money. Call is committed to offering safe banking options in order to reduce the number of operators walking around with duffel bags full of cash, though, unfortunately, this is still a reality for many. Call also discusses the nebulous legal status of accepting cannabis money: “There’s still a law that says you can’t aid and abet an illegal operation, which is what we’re doing technically, but we are actually providing a really significant resource to law enforcement. We’re providing a paper trail that otherwise would not exist.”


Seth Adler: The North Bay Credit Union, Chris Call joins us. Welcome to Cannabis Economy. I'm your host Seth Adler. Download episodes on, that's two N's and the word economy or wherever you currently get your podcasts.
Seth Adler: We've got a ton of direct insight on, leaders in policy, science and business. We've got one on ones on cannabinoids and 2018 research supplements to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. First, a word from Bedrocan and then Chris Call.
Seth Adler: Bedrocan is a patient-driven, global, pharmaceutical-minded cannabis company. Their entire end to end process is GMP certified through Dutch and ultimately European authorities. Bedrocan is the market leader in Europe for medical cannabis and has been the sole supplier to the Dutch government for 16 years. Through the Dutch government, Bedrocan provides product to 15 countries currently. As a science based company, Bedrocan invests in clinical research. The Leiden university conducted a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial on fibromyalgia with Bedrocan products which yielded promising results. They are now working on a followup to that study.
Seth Adler: Bedrocan is also working on the extent to which cannabis can reduce our reliability on opioids. Bedrocan believes that clinical research is key for the future of the company, standardized product, the industry and the patient. Visit for more information.
Seth Adler: So, Chris Call. Right? First off, that's real. That's a nice name. Chris Call.
Chris Call: Yeah, thanks.
Seth Adler: I feel like you could be like a middle reliever, if you were lefthanded. Are you left-handed, by any chance?
Chris Call: No, no.
Seth Adler: Oh, all right. Well, so that's why you're a banker.
Chris Call: Yeah, yeah.
Seth Adler: So give us a sense of the institution, how long it's been running, why you would do this to yourself. This is not easy work.

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