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Ep. 475: Pavel Pachta

October 3, 2019

Pavel Pachta joins us to discuss the history and current state of international drug control treaties. Pachta shares that these treaties were drafted in order to prevent drug abuse and addiction – because of that, Pachta believes that there is no sense in controlling a cannabis product that contains no THC. Pachta also believes that it is crucial to abide by international law; failing to do so sets a bad precedent for other nations. Finally, Pachta discusses what the International Narcotic Control system must do to remain credible, and offers his advice to those in business and academic science.


Seth Adler: Pavel Pachta joins us, welcome to Cannabis Economy, I'm your hose Seth Adler, download episodes on, that's two n's in the word economy, or wherever you currently get your podcasts, the audio might sound a little bit different on this one, that's because it's also a video, which you can view at, or keep listening, as we've got a new supporter, Kannaswiss. A word from them, and then Pavel Pachta.
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Seth Adler: Okay, we've got Pavel Pachta! Thanks so much, Pavel, for giving us some time.
Pavel Pachta: It's great pleasure for me, and thank you very much for this initiative, it's great! Congratulations.
Seth Adler: Thank you, thank you. You are here to talk about cannabis and the international drug control treaties, and I just want to set the conversation by having you share your experience at the UN and what you're doing now, so folks have a framework to work with.
Pavel Pachta: Okay, well, as it is already indicated in one of your introductory slides, I have spent more than a quarter century in the Secretariat of the United Nations and especially in the Secretariat of the International Control Board, and INCB is a body under the treaties, International Control Treaties, which has to monitor how our governments are implementing the treaties and has to support them.
Pavel Pachta: And when I retired, I decided to use my expertise, and by the way, I'm by origin from the Czech Republic, and it is one of the first countries that started with medical cannabis, so I got more in contact with people who were in NGO's, governments, and private industry, information about these international laws. And kind of driving force for me was meeting patients who were very frequently quite desperate, because they had no access to these medicines and they considered that these medicines could help them.

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